The word "Kaamulan" is a native Binukid for "social gathering" which is what the festival is all about. It gathers the seven tribes that are indigenous to the province to showcase their culture, native costumes, rituals, and many more. These ethnic groups include the Matigsalog, Umayamnon, Tigwahanon,  Talaandig,  Manobo, Higa-onon, and Bukidon.

Kaamulan Festival is held annually during the month of March in the city of Malaybalay, the capital city of the province of Bukidnon, Philippines. The festivity is quite unique because of its many facets. There are several events that took place during the two-week celebration. Real indigenous people took part in the activity showing their native dances, costumes, songs, as well as their rituals.

They have this "pangampu" or general worship, the "tagulambong ho datu" a political rite that marks one's formal ascendancy to the datuship, the "panumanod", a spiriting ceremony, the "panlisig" which is done to drive away evil spirits. They also have a native horse fight called "kagsaba ho kabayo."

Kaamulan Festival starts off with the formal opening of a trade show that highlights the different products and crafts that are found in Bukidnon. The crafts include "kamuyot" a bag made by the natives out of indigenous materials from abaca plant, furnitures made from driftwood and many others. One can also try the delicious delicacies offered by various municipalities in the province like the fruit candies made from pineapple and bananas which are abundant in the province. There are also organic products like organic sugar, organic rice, and vegetables which one can buy at a cheaper price. For those who love plants, there are horticultural shows where one will find several ornamental plants, flowering plants as well as fruit plants which one will be able to buy.

You will surely enjoy watching the street dancing of different ethnic groups with their colorful costumes and native instruments like the "gong" and "native guitars." The festival is really worth watching for. Bukidnon province is a refreshing destination for its cool climate, mountain vistas, hills full of pine trees and the rich culture of the people who lives there.