Kabaddi is a south Asian team sport. It is mainly played to develop physical strength and speed in young men. This game is mainly played in rural areas of India and its neighbouring countries. It is known as “game of masses" due to its popularity, simplicity and easy rules. It does not need any equipment like other games. It just need a swimming pool size ground. It was mainly an outdoor game and played on sand and clay court. Now days it takes place on synthetic surface as an indoor game.


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The history of Kabaddi dates back to the pre-historic times. Techniques in Kabaddi resembles with the situation as formed in great Hindu's epic " Mahabharata" when Arjun's son Abhimanyu  trapped in the ' Chakravyuha' set by his enemies. According to Buddhists literature, Gautama Buddha played Kabaddi for recreation. In India, it is mainly played for making strength in body. Kabaddi received international status during the 1936 Berlin Olympics.


Types of Kabaddi:


1. Amar: In this type there is no in, no out rule, but stay inside the court and one point is awarded to the team whose player touched the player of other team.

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This form is played in India, Canada, England, Pakistan and Australia. Each team consists of 5-6 stoppers and 4-5 raiders. Only 4 stoppers are on the ground at one time. Stopper's team go 1 point when a stopper stops the raider of other team. Raider's team got one point when raider touches the player of other team. Only time is deciding factor in this form.


2.  Sanjeevni: In this form, the rule is one in and one out. It means that if one player of a team is out then player of other team who has out earlier come in the ground.

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The time duration for the game is 40 minutes with a 5 minute break between the game times. There are 9 players on both sides. The team with more point will win the match.


3. Gaminee:

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In this game there are 9 players on both sides. In this form, a player has to stay out until his team members are out. There is no time limit for the game. The game continues until 5 or 7 times a team got out.


In Kabaddi, a raider goes to the opposite team's half to touch members of the opposite team before coming back to his half. Touched player are out and sent off the field. Now the goal of the defenders of the team is to stop the raider from returning to his half. The raider is sent out if he takes breath before returning, crosses the boundary line or his body parts touches the ground outside the boundary. When a player is out, the opposite team earns one point. If the raider crosses a bonus line in opposite team half, he will get a bonus point. A team scores two bonus points if the team declares out.


Kabaddi is a popular game in many parts of the world like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Britain, Japan, Scotland, etc...Mainly in Indian subcontinent it starts in rural areas. In Britain, Kabaddi was mainly started in army. Ashok das, an ex-Kabaddi player introduced it as a way of keeping fit. It is an enticement to recruit soldier from Asian region. Many tournaments held across world like Asia Kabaddi Cup, Kabaddi world cup for both men and women. The first ever Kabaddi world cup was held in 2004 in which India wins. India is still unbeaten in world cup. Women's Kabaddi was first introduced in the 2010 Asian games.


Kabaddi is very good game for keeping you physically fit. It is a cheap game as it requires only a small area of land to play. The popularity of the game has increased in last years from a popular rural game to international level game. It is the best rural game in the world.