Spinach Versus Kale
Credit: www.healthcastle.com

For years, we've heard about the power of spinach and how it can make Popeye fend off bad guys with automatic consumption. Then all of a sudden, kale came into the picture and most of us have become confused. They look similar and have similar nutrients, but which one is healthier?

 Since they are so similar, their differences regarding nutrition vary just slightly. Let's take a look:

 Iron: Both spinach and kale have extremely similar quantities when it comes to the amount of iron, but kale has slightly more. Spinach has about 5 percent of iron per serving and kale has about 6 percent per serving. Keep in mind that iron is excellent for pregnant women and growing girls who are most susceptible to anemia. It keeps the health of blood in check.

 Vitamin A: This vitamin is great for the heath of your skin and eyes. When it comes to spinach, it provides about 56% of your recommended intake however kale provides you with 206 percent of your recommended intake for that same serving. That's a huge number if you ask me. When it comes to vitamin A, go for the kale.

 Vitamin C: Of course we know that we can get ample vitamin C in oranges, but kale has about 134 % of vitamin C in one cup. Spinach has about 124% in one cup. Again, kale beats spinach when it comes to vitamins. Keep in mind that vitamin C is excellent for your immune health and it helps with regard to repair and growth of tissue.

 Vitamin K: This is a vitamin that many people tend to overlook but the truth is that it provides us with healthy bones and prevention of blood clotting. It's absolutely essential. Kale has about 681 percent of your recommended intake per cup and spinach has about 181 percent of your recommended allowance per cup.

 Calcium: We all know that there is a plethora of calcium found in milk and that it strengthens our bones, but spinach and kale are excellent resources as well. One cup of kale gives you nine percent of your recommended allowance and spinach gives you three percent.

 Overall it seems clear that kale has beaten out spinach with regard to nutrients. However, don't knock spinach down! It is a super food that should be consumed when you can't eat kale. There are some people that even prefer spinach over kale and there is nothing wrong with that. You be the judge, just make sure that you're eating a healthy diet full of wholesome foods. Also, if you can try to stay away from those processed foods. They don't do anything great for your body except give you pain in the end. You don't want to end up with horrible medical conditions later in life, do you?


Happy eating everyone!