Getting an 800 number is a great way to make your company look bigger and better than it already is and because of companies like Kall8 it is now possible for anyone to be able to obtain an 800 number that is affordable. Kall8 is an 800 number service that is fully integrated and comes with all the perks of an 800 number from the phone company, but without all the hassles and added costs.

All Kall8 toll free telephone numbers can be programmed to ring any phone, anywhere in the world and with service starting at just two dollars a month plus 6.9 cents per minute you can begin to see the advantages of Kall8 service over the phone company. Even international potential customers and existing customers can call you and you will only be charges 9.9 cents per minute.

The price you will pay with Kall8 will depend on what you want and then of course how much you use the service. If you are happy with an 888, 877, or 866 number than all you will pay is two dollars a month plus your minutes. If you want a traditional 800 number that it is only five dollars a month plus minutes. You can even spend a bit more and get what is known as a vanity number, such as 800-FUN-TOYS. Even if you already have an 800 number and just want to switch over to Kall8 for the savings, they make that possible too.

With such affordable service you may think that Kall8 has little to no features. However, Kall8 is packed full of features such as:

• Voicemail and Fax
• Web Call Button
• Conference Calling
• Virtual Calling Card
• Call Blocking
• Call Forwarding
• Caller ID
• Online Management
• Much More

These features all come at no additional charge regardless of how much you spend a month with Kall8. While the price may be light, the services are not.

A natural question to ask yourself would be how much of a commitment you will have to give Kall8 in order to take advantage of their services. This is probably the best part, as Kall8 requires absolutely no service contract and instead goes on a month to month basis.

Because there is no fancy equipment to lease or buy and everything with Kall8 is done online that means that you can have your toll free number up and running in no time at all. In fact, once your online application is filled out and you square all your payment and options away, your 800 number will be all set-up and ready to use that same day. That sure beats waiting days and possibly weeks for the phone company to get out to you and set everything up.

Having an 800 number will help you to look multi-national even if you operate your business out of your home. With the ease of set-up and use of Kall8 there is no reason that your business can't have a toll free number and compete with the big boys.