The following article is a brief review of the 'Kandela Magic Candle' made by 'The Wand Company' which you may or may not have heard of before -- but they are considered pretty famous as they made, arguably, the first real life wand for us mere muggles, the 'Kymera Magic Wand remote', which essentially allows over grown kids to pretend they have some sort of magical power (to be a warlock or wizard/witch of some kind) -- as they  flick the 'wand-remote' in the direction of the TV for it to perform specified 'taught' actions such as 'TV turn' on, 'TV turn off', 'switch channel' etc.  

Kandela Magic Candle PackageCredit: -- The Wand CompanyWell as you can imagine the 'Kandela Magic Candle' is based on a pretty similar idea, a simple flick of your wand can turn the candle (LED) light on, and with another can extinguish it within a second -- as well as 'double tap' feature to set it on an hour timer.

Both the 'magic' candle and wand come in a rather Harry Potter esque type package (please see on the right), which of course gets any 10 year old -- all jittery and excited to get it open and 'have-a-go' (and perhaps even certain 33 year olds, but obviously there is no guarantee there). 

Although you may have not been particularly surprised at what the 'Kandela Magic Candle' does exactly.

I do think will be surprised -- at the actual 'quality' of the overall product, where the wand itself has been intricately and rather beautifully designed, with a good bit of weight to it. Moreover, the candle 'genuinely' looks like and acts like a real life candle -- it lights like a candle and can actually be physically blown out (Oh yes, that's right... I know there are some of you out there think that there is definitely a lot of fun to be had here and you couldn't be more right -- especially at first with a crowd of young'uns and in the right convincing hands along with some good spell lingo -- like 'Abraca-flickin'-dabra!', should definitely do the trick -- apologies for the pun.) At the end of the day it is almost guaranteed to offer a pretty good 5 minutes of entertainment at any sort of party, dinner (however especially so on christmas dinner), but also has practical value also -- as it also works also as just a 'nice' little mood setter, that you can locate next to your bedside whilst you are reading 'Harry Potter and the X' and just before you want to hit the bed, simply give a swish of your wand and you're all set.

Who Should Buy It?

To me -- it is obvious why someone would buy it... the Kandela Magic Candle acts as the 'clever' and 'unique' gift for someone close to them, be that they are young or old but who is fundamentally into all the Harry Potter, Wizard type fads etc. Which I guess is part of what you are paying for, as granted it is expensive -- but who doesn't want the 'reputation' of "Oh, so you are someone who actually buys the pretty cool and well thought out presents" and the buyer of the present who has everyone talking.

My Humble Opinion

Kandela Magic CandleCredit: -- The Wand CompanyI have to be honest, I actually really like it. Simple, yet ever, ever so clever. And really, who doesn't want to pretend that they just have some sort of magic power, even if it was only just for a brief (and rather sad false) second? However, I am not alone in my fondness of the Kandela Magic Candle, there are many others out there too -- who love it also.

Mr. Tombs (5 Stars): "I bought this for my son's birthday and by the end of the evening everyone had had a go at the wand." -- As said just above -- this is just bound to happen, once you bring the wand out to 'show it off' -- everyone will be wanting a go, and asking where you got it from, in which you reply 'Ollivander's Wand Shop, of course'.

T. Howard (5 Stars): "I bought this wand for a twenty two year old Harry Potter fan. It astonished and fascinated her and everyone at the Christmas party. The wand looked really authentic and was a really fun present!" 

M. J. Moss (5 Stars): "This is a clever piece of kit, and an excellent talking point. Kids are fascinated by it. Eat your heart out Harry Potter!!"

If you do have any questions, remarks or concerns regarding the Kandela Magic Candle or regards to the Kandela Magic Candle individually (e.g. what batteries does it need? It needs 2 x AAA -- which aren't included, so if it is a gift, it would be good to buy them with it. How far does it work from? States a max of 4 metres, although that is rather on the conservative side -- double that, 8 metres in reality) be sure to make them in the comments section, that you will be able to just find below.