WWE wrestler Kane, The Big Red Machine has been involved in wrestling since 1992. His real name is Glenn Jacobs. Although he started his wrestling career on the independent circuit, I will stick to his time as a WWE wrestler, in this sort of mini biography, since that is where he gained his fame. Let's take a look at the career of Kane, The Big Red Machine.

Kane, The Big Red Machine, is a large man. Billed at 7 feet tall and 325 pounds he has always been among the larger men in WWE wrestling. He is surprisingly fast and agile for a big man. He has been known to jump from the top rope. In my opinion, he is the most fluent big man in the WWE, except for the Undertaker. He is truly able to tell the story of his character in the ring.

As a WWE wrestler, Kane, The Big Red Machine is a former world champion. The WWE would likely recognize him as a two time world champion, since he did hold the ECW world title at one point. For most fans, the WWE or WWE world title are the only belts worth recognizing as legit world titles. His rise to fame started slow, in a completely different character some of you older wrestling fans may remember.

Before he was Kane, The Big Red Machine, Jacobs started out as Dr. Isaac Yankem in 1995. He was a huge demented dentist that joined up with Jerry "The King" Lawler to feud with Brett Hart. Like many other WWE wrestlers, his first gimmick was not very successful. Still, the stage was set, since he was a big man that could move. Although his talent was still fairly raw at that point, it was obvious to wrestling fans that he had real potential. Soon, he would become Kane, The Big Red Machine.

Kane, The Big Red Machine was introduced to wrestling fans in 1997. At the time, it was stated that he was the younger half brother of The Undertaker, and son of Paul Bearer. Although not recognized by the WWE anymore, it was originally stated that he was burned in a fire as a child, which forced him to wear a mask to cover up the burns. The Earlier Years

Kane, The Big Red Machine would attack The Undertaker on several occasions, attempting to get his half brother to face him. Undertaker refused, initially. As you would expect in any WWE storyline, the two wrestlers would finally have a series of matches. In the end, The Undertaker would establish himself as the dominant brother. Kane, The Big Red Machine and the Undertaker would feud on and off for several years. It's is quite likely that the two will continue to feud, on and off, for their entire careers. It's a natural feud of two big tough wrestlers.

Kane, The Big Red Machine wins the WWE World Title! Kane, The Big Red Machine would go on to win the WWE world title in a first blood match again Stone Cold Steve Austin. While he only held the title for one day, the stage had been set, allowing this WWE superstar to remain a top draw for years to come. Have you ever seen the first blood match between Kane, The Big Red Machine, and Stone Cold Steve Austin? Watch it. It does not appear that he was actually the man in the mask for that match.

Who really won the World title? If you watch match in which Kane, The Big Red Machine wins the world title, you will notice some real weird things. At that time, he had long, wavy black hair. He normally wore a shirt type top, with one sleeve, leaving the other arm exposed. Kane, The Big Red Machine wore an outfit that covered up his arms completely that night. The announcers would comment that he obviously wasn't taking any chances on bleeding.

Watch the match carefully. The moves during the match, including an extended finger type punch to the throat, seemed to resemble that of The Undertaker. Both men were roughly the same size, with very similar hair, although The Undertaker was not quite as thick. The two sleeves would serve well to cover up the Undertakers tattoos, which are all over both arms. The way the masked wrestler moves convinces me it was actually The Undertaker in this match. Kane, The Big Red Machine won the match, but was it really him? It really doesn't matter much, since the storyline never recognizes it.

In 2003, Kane, The Big Red Machine would lose his mask, and wrestle without it. He would shave his head. It was later explained that he wasn't actually burned in the fire from his childhood. The burns and scars, they said, were actually emotional scars. This is normal WWE storyline. It would simply allow the superstar to take off the mask, so he could further advance his character as Kane, The Big Red Machine.

Few characters have been able to stay relevant for as long as Kane, The Big Red Machine. He has been a WWE superstar for well over a decade now. While many characters get stale in wrestling after just a few years, he has been able to advance his, and maintain his status as a top tier WWE wrestler. Few superstars have had the same luck.

Over the years, Kane, The Big Red Machine has held many titles, and had many feuds. At this time, he is a former 10 time world tag team champion, one time former ECW champion, and a two time former Intercontinental champion, with a few other titles and belts sprinkled in.

Kane, The Big Red Machine has starred in a movie, See No Evil in 2006. This was his film debut. The film enjoyed mild success, with Jacobs getting some recognition for a fairly decent initial performance.

Kane, the Big Red Machine competed on The Weakest Link, raising money for charity. He was actually the strongest link, and won the show. So much for big, dumb wrestlers!

As far as I'm concerned, there are few WWE wrestlers that have stood the test of time like him. While others come and go, he remains a top draw. Kane, The Big Red Machine is quite entertaining to watch. His character's story has been well told by Jacobs at all points of his career. He truly is a WWE superstar.