The Kanye West interruption video which shows the rapper dissing Taylor Swift at the MTV Music Video Awards (VMA) is one of the most talked about entertainment news topics in recent times. The incident came at the 2009 version of MTV's VMA's, when singer Taylor Swift won the award for "Best Female Video" for her song "You Belong to Me". Her video features Taylor playing the role of the nerdy high school girl trying to get the attention of the hot guy, but he's got his eye on the girl who wears "short skirts and cheerleads". Taylor's video beat out the likes of Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Pink and Katy Perry, all worthy contenders. Beyonce's video is of particular interest here, because it came into play during the incident. Beyonce's video nominated was "Put a Ring on It" which featured the R&B diva dancing with two other dancers on a completely black and white set. Anyhow, it was Taylor's first VMA win, making it a proud moment for the pop country music star to go receive her award.

The Kanye West interruption video incident went down September 13th at the 2009 MTV VMA's. Taylor was stunned at the win, yet went on stage to accept her moon man statue from award presenters Shakira and one of the stars from "Twilight: New Moon". Taylor started to discuss how surprised she was at the win, and was about to deliver her customary thank you's graciously, until Kanye West appeared on stage. The rap star, who many believe to have been drunk at the time, decided he needed to point out that Beyonce Knowles' music video was one of the best of all time. His brief rant on stage, surprised Taylor, the presenters, fans and fellow musicians in the crowd. It heated Katy Perry and PINK to the point they Twittered, using not so nice words about Mr. West on their Tweets. Kelly Clarkson also made some comments regarding her feelings about the rapper's poor display at the awards show.

It's important to note that the video Kanye made such a big deal about by Beyonce, won MTV's Video of the Year Award. And when she accepted her award, a generous and humble Beyonce decided to let Taylor Swift come up on stage and have her moment. Taylor hugged Beyonce, and fans have done nothing but praise the R&B diva for her act of kindness, rarely seen in the entertainment world that often. The ranting rapper Kanye West has since apologized for the incident via his blog, on television during The Jay Leno Show, and then by phoning Taylor Swift personally. Swift reportedly is OK with West's apology and said she would be ok if they were in the same room.

This isn't the first instance of controversy for the popular rapper, and it isn't the first Kanye West interruption video to surface either. He's interrupted several other awards shows in the past including the AMA's and another MTV awards show. The rapper has always been popular and had loyal fans, but this latest stunt makes people question how much more they are willing to forgive and forget the rapper, let alone support any more music he produces or puts on the market.