If you are a karaoke host, then by reading the title you know what this article is about. It is about the bad singers that you encounter during a karaoke show performance. These are the ones that think Simon is there on the sidelines judging them for the next American Idol but meanwhile they sound absolutely terrible. The worst thing about these people is that they actually think they are great performers. Now do not get me wrong, there are people that do not sing great but they are also nice about it and not obnoxious. It is the people that demand to be bumped up the list because in their eyes everyone wants to hear them. How do you deal with these people to get through the night? I will give you my advice.

The first thing is to always be fair in your list. If someone gives you 10 song requests, do not put them up 10 times in a row, spread it out. If a new singer enters the bar, bump them up the list and get them in the rotation. Now take your regulars and give them a little more love as well by bumping them a singer or 2 here and there. What do you do about the obnoxious ones? One thing you can do is to make sure that every singer in the bar sings at least one song before this person. The more different singers you have, the more you keep that person from singing. Now you can put all the duets up too and count them as different singers because its a group. I know this seems a bit wrong but I only suggest this if that person is just truly getting on your last nerve. I may have only had to resort to this method 5 times in my 8 year career in the business, but nevertheless it has been done.

Being the owner of a Staten Island Karaoke business I have seen them all and dealt with them all. Nothing is worse then having an annoying person that sings horrible come up to and saying "Can I sing Paradise by the Dashboard Light? Can you get it up soon please?" Then this is followed by repeated visits asking how much longer until they are up. Nothing is worse then that in these shows. People who are pushy and constantly ask how much longer until they perform.

A key to remember most importantly during a karaoke show is that you are running the show. Never forget that you are in charge. If you are a New York DJthen you should be use to pushy people because we are full of them. I have a very large selection of music that at least keeps people at bay for awhile as they look through all of the pages, unsure what they want to sing. Due to the new karaoke software out there, now it is easier to look up songs. If you get that one person that doesn't know how to fill out a paper it is not that horrible putting them up for a song anymore because you can do it all on the computer.

I am finding karaoke to be more popular then ever recently. I prefer to DJ over karaoke but whatever pays the bills at this point and keeps my mobile DJ business running.