Karastan rugs are an ideal way to add warmth and sophistication to a dining room, den, living room or bedroom of your home. These high quality machine loomed rugs which rival hand-loomed rugs in quality, have been delighting owners since they first premiered in 1928, created by the Marshall Field Co. in Chicago.

The fine reputation of Karastan area rugs quickly spread when one was exhibited at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair, trampled upon by close to five million visitors during the Fair's engagement. When one side of the rug was cleaned and compared to the other side still showing the effects of traffic, the rug looked amazingly new and revitalized, proving the durability of Karastan rugs.

Today, Karastan is the largest producer of wool carpets and rugs in the United States, constructed almost 100% of the finest virgin New Zealand wool fibers. Karastan rugs as a flooring choice offer benefits unmatched by any other rug manufacturer in business today.

The quality of Karastan wool makes this rug very easy to maintain and clean, in addition to being non-allergenic. This means that a Karastan rug will not harbor bacteria, fungi, dust mites or other harmful organisms which can make occupants of the home, especially children, sick. As its World's Fair public introduction attested to, Karastan rugs are extremely durable and can be passed on from one generation to the next as an heirloom.

Even when covered by heavy furniture legs, Karastan fibers prove crush resistant and spring back to life with the application of moisture. They are an extremely safe floor covering choice because the wool is resistant to fire and flame and extinguishes itself rather than spreading should any portion catch on fire.A Chic Karastan Rug

Especially in climates where static humidity builds up, Karastan rugs are unaffected and safe to walk on without getting shocked. The superior quality of the wool used to create each rug makes it a good insulator for heat during cold and damp weather as well as providing some level of sound proofing in the room where it is used as a floor covering.

Karastan continues to offer a unique floor covering option because of its commitment to oversee every manufacturing step resulting in an heirloom-quality rug, along with its decision to use New Zealand wool. The natural beauty of New Zealand wool and its pure white color in its natural state, enables Karastan to create SisalWool, TeaWash and Shapura rugs in a range of colors and designs that retain their beautiful appearance even after years of wear.

The durability and design of Karastan rugs have consistently proven to be a step above any flooring competition for more than 90 years.