Karl Marx and the society of today

The utopian ideal - a classless society

Marxist Theory DiagramThe concept of a classless society has been elaborated by Karl Marx, the father of Marxist philosophy which is the basis of the Communist ideology. As a member of a contemporary society under a democracy, my beliefs are rooted on a society made up of different classes. In order to get to a higher class of society, one has to work with sweat, and even blood. This idea has caused many revolutions because some who do not want the present structure of society want it to be restructured to suit the need of every individual.

A classless society is a utopian ideal, it has never been reached. The USSR has disintegrated and the Berlin Wall was already felled but a classless society has never been epitomized by any society around the world.Marxist Theory Communism The present societies around the world differ in the form of government but they are still governed by different kinds of leaders, some practice monarchy under a king or queen, others use the presidenKarl Marx - Utopian Societytial form of government, while others used the dictatorial form.

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The leaders in our society don't have to come from an intellectually and morally elite ruling class; as long as an individual can put the interest of the public first than his personal interests, he is fit to be a leader at the least. An elitist form of government became so because people let themselves be governed by elites. But the elite class is not perfect, they are still subject to personal biases, hence they are not the overwhelming choice to be rulers. We go back to the reference that as long as a person can serve the interests of the public and the whole citizenry, he is fit to be candidate for a leadership position. What the general populace has to do is to choose who amongst these candidates will lead them. This is done through an election. A pure intent to serve for the common good and interest of the many can make one a good social leader.

A notorious individual picked out from history was Adolf Hitler. His ideal of Aryan supremacy proved to be murderous when he led the killings of a million Jews. If he was confronted with a business issue, he wouldn't, I think, trudge on the ethical side of the issue, but would rather immediately advance the idea that the German race would ultimately and successfully solve any business problem, for the reason that he is motivated personally by his ideology of Aryan supremacy.