Karlsson clocks are a very popular decor choice for modern, trendy home designs. Their creative use of colors and unexpected and innovative styles make Karlsson clocks stand out from the crowd. Read on to discover more about Karlsson clocks, some of their most popular types, and where best to buy them.

Karlsson Clocks: The Brand And The Style

Karlsson is a well-known Dutch clock brand that has made a name for itself world-wide for its creative time pieces.

karlsson designer squareKarlsson clocks are no ordinary clocks; you can expect the unexpected from their designs. Whether that is a shockingly innovative use of color or a backless clock mechanism that seemingly floats in space on your wall. You can find Karlsson clocks using both analog and digital mechanisms, but by far analog clocks using battery power are the most common. These clocks can run from an understated modern feel to a vibrant statement making vibe. Their timepieces are some of the more unusual clocks on the market.

There are Karlsson clocks out there for any type of room, or person, you can imagine. Your teenagers might love the out-of-the-box styles. Your kids may be enamored with the vibrant colors and sometimes cartoon-like faces. Adults can enjoy the sleekness and modern touches that can accentuate many rooms. Really the options are many.

Popular Karlsson Clock Types

There are a wide variety of popular Karlsson clocks, but some of the most well-loved versions on Amazon.com include:

Little Big Timekarlsson clock_little big time

This Karlsson wall clock is as simple as it gets in design, and yet it's extremely innovative.  The style uses your entire wall as part of its clock face. It's a great piece for when you want an understated time piece that won't steal too much attention. Yet when it's noticed, it quickly becomes a conversation starter. This Karlsson wall clock comes in a mini version (15 inches across) or its standard size (30 inches across).

karlsson clock_mixed spider

Mixed Spider Multi-Color

This Karlsson clock features a very colorful and playful design made of steel and chrome. It's perfect for a child's room or as a color splash in a modern home design.

karlsson clock_worldtime



This clock is perfect for the office, home office, or den. Made of aluminum, it features five mini-clocks showing different time zones, giving it a professional feel.


Where To Buy

Amazon.com is an excellent choice for purchasing your Karlsson clocks. They have a wide variety to choose from, and many are often on sale.

If you prefer a brick and mortar store, your best bet is to check out fashionable home decor boutiques most often found in urban areas. If your choices here are limited, it's best to stick with Amazon.com for your Karlsson wall clocks.