karmaloop review

Are you bored of wearing a shirt someone else is wearing on the street? The best places to shop are the clothing stores that sell unique designs. Two of the best places to go are Karmaloop and Threadless. They have a wide assortment of clothing designs you will not find anywhere else on the planet. The question is: where should you buy your clothing?


This unique clothing store used to create designs directed towards the rave scene, but now, they focus on urban fashion. They offer brands like American Apparel, LRG and Triple 5 Soul. They also sell K-Loop, and if you are lucky, you can find these products on sale. Some of the great items you can find on the site include cool shoes, cute bags, and funky hats. If you are looking forward to a unique look, you can find the items you need on Karmaloop.

If you are tired of those boring and conventional street clothing, you are definitely going to have a fun time looking through the perplexing designs on the site. The company' mission is to banish conformist fashion. You can also find other exciting accessories on the site to match your choice of shirt, pants, and shoes.

Watch out for exciting items on sale as well. You do not want to miss out on big savings. Always be prepared because you will never know when that pricey item you always wanted to buy becomes affordable. Check out the items that sell below $10 as well. For a more targeted search, pick a brand you like from the long list provided on the website. 


Threadless is another exciting clothing store that sells unique clothing designs. What makes the site unique is how it provides interactivity to visitors. You can actually participate in the creation and judgment of designs. Winning designs are chosen by visitors who score designs from a scale of 1-5. Winners are then awarded cash prices.

It is the community that keeps the site up and running. Thanks to the contribution of independent designers, consumers can pick so many creative designs on the site. Shopping on Threadless is definitely fun, especially when you join in on the activities. Orders usually arrive pretty quickly, but sometimes, you have to be aware of additional charges from customs fees that your country imposes.


If you want to buy designs created by popular brands, go for Karmaloop. They offer amazing deals on clothing items and fashion accessories. The designs are quite unique and definitely suited for urban fashion. However, if you want to have unique clothing designs from independent designers all over the world, choose Threadless instead.

Bottom Line

Whether you choose Karmaloop or Threadless, it is always good to save some money. Search for the latest coupon codes to get discounts. For Karmaloop, you can always save money by looking through the items on sale, in addition to using coupon codes.