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Kate Middleton is a natural beauty and her look is fresh, youthful, sun kissed and she obviously takes great care of her body and skin that many people would love to emulate. You don't need to be a princess to get a makeup look like Kate but, you can look and feel your best by using these makeup tips that are sure to have you glowing. Makeup is made to enhance your facial features and when applied correctly, you can make sure that you show off the parts of your face that you like the most while minimizing those features that aren't your favorites. Use the most natural products you can find and afford to avoid adding chemicals to the skin and your body.


Clean, tone and moisturize your skin before applying makeup:

These first three steps are essential to having beautiful skin that is enhanced with makeup. Cleanser will remove all the dirt, pollution and old makeup from the skin while opening the pores to prepare for the toning step.

Toning the skin returns the ph to normal after cleansing as well as refreshes and removes any dirt that the cleanser may have missed.

Moisturizing the skin helps to reduce dryness, flaking and adds suppleness and a glow to the skin. Allow all three products above to absorb into the skin before applying makeup.

Use treatment products weekly for problem areas such as a facial scrub for removing dry, dead skin cells and to reduce pimples as well as a masque for smoothing the texture of the skin, reducing blackheads and the size of pores. Add an eye cream or eye gel to firm and tighten the skin and to reduce lines and wrinkles around the eyes.


How to do Makeup similar to Kate Middleton:


Apply a foundation primer to help the base coat of a foundation to be applied more evenly and smoothly while evening out the skin tone.

Foundation Base:

Apply a foundation with a mineral base that closely matches your skin coloring using a makeup sponge for an even and smooth coat of color. Foundation base helps to reduce any skin imperfections while evening out the texture.

Eye shadow:

Apply a plum, purple or dark lavendar eye shadow to the entire eye lid area. Use a second slightly darker eyeshadow color in the crease of the eye and blend gently with the first color to remove any trace of lines of demarcation.

Follow with a lighter shade as a highlighter on the eyelid just below the eyebrows and blend to smooth out any lines.

Use a dark brown or light black eye liner on the skin just above the top lashes following the length of the eye from the outer edge to the corner. Repeat on the skin below the bottom lashes. Smudge the eyeliner lightly with an eye shadow brush.

Eyelash Curler:

Use an eyelash curler to get lashes that are whispy and longer.


Use a dark brown to light black mascara applying one coat to the top and bottom lashes in an upward stroke fashion to lengthen and darken the lashes to help the eyes pop and be noticed.


Keep the eyebrows properly shaped to enhance the appearance of the eyes and use a light eye brow pencil to fill in any areas of the brow that need more color or shape. Use an eye brow comb with a touch of hairspray on it to lightly go over brows to help them stay in place all day.


Use a creamy blush or cheek stain for a dewy and moistened cheek. Powder blushes tend to look dry on dry skin and also tend to stay in lines and wrinkles. Add a dab of cream blush color to the apple of the cheek and with a makeup sponge, blend it outward and upward just passed the eye area. Blend so that no lines are visible and the cheeks have a fresh, sun kissed look like Kate Middleton does.

Lip Liner:

Use a natural lip liner color that is one shade darker than your lips to help your lipstick stay on the lips and prevent it from bleeding onto the skin above the lips. Follow the line of the lip with a smooth line and fill in the entire lip using the same lip liner. This will help the lipstick to last longer without reapplying as well as leave some color on the lips as lipstick wears off.


Use a light pink lipstick that will add fresh color to the lips without being too strong or bold. Kate Middleton uses a natural makeup look that enhances her features without drawing too much attention to any one area. Use a kleenex to blot the color one time and apply a second coat of lipstick. This should help your lipstick to stay on longer throughout the day. Touch up your lipstick throughout the day to always stay fresh looking.

Finishing powder:

Apply a finishing powder using a large powder brush tapping off any excess powder before applying it. Add the powder to the entire face area in a light and easy motion. Finishing powder helps to set the makeup so that it lasts throughout the day as well as helps to absorb any facial oils. Keep a finishing powder with you for touch ups during the day if you need.


Other tips to add to your daily regime for naturally beautiful skin like Kate Middleton include:

Drink plenty of water to remove toxins

Eat a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables

Exercise daily since sweat helps to clean out the pores

Wear colors in clothing near your face that enhance your skin tone

Smile – a genuine healthy smile will always enhance all of your best facial features

Practice makeup application using various colors and shades until you find the perfect colors and tones that look the best on you. The more you practice and apply makeup, the faster and more efficient you will become.


Follow these makeup tips to get and keep a fresh and natural look similar to Kate Middleton and you will always look and feel your best too.

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