Katy Perry OPI CollectionCredit: alllacqueredup.com

The Katy Perry OPI Collection was released January 1st 2011, and has been a hit ever since. The most loved lacquer of them all is the famous Black Shatter polish. Katy Perry is a self proclaimed nail fanatic and joined forces with OPI to create a fun nail polish collection to match her style. It was also released in-conjunction with her latest album at the time entitled Teenage Dream. With her love for music and nail art, this team created a collection for everyone to make a bold fashion statement.  (Photo Credits in the Media Gallery)

                                             Black Shatter 

Black Shatter is a very popular nail crackle polish. OPI describes it as, “The edgy look of shattered asphalt.” Although the crackle polish formula is not new in the nail industry, the OPI version achieves the best result. When applied to polishes in this Katy Perry OPI Collection, it gives an awesome matte texture. Applying black shatter to these polishes definitely makes for a unique collection.

Teenage Dream

Teenage Dream OPI Katy Perry CollectionCredit: luuux.com



OPI describes it as, “A dreamy pink glitter that you’re sure to crush on!” While in the bottle, this looks like a pretty pink polish with glitter. When applied to the nails, it’s actually a very sheer clear based nail polish with holographic shimmering particles. This nice lacquer is named after Katy Perry’s latest album at the time.

                                                                    Not Like The Movies

Not Like The Movies OPI Katy Perry CollectionCredit: spoiledpretty.blogspot.com



OPI describes it as, “This sultry silver is the real deal.” This interesting polish is a multi chrome of silver, green, pink, and purple colors. It’s a frosty polish with delicate shimmers within it. Most metallic duo chromes that have glitter do not apply well. Usually they come out lumpy and bumpy but the formula of this OPI nail polish doesn’t have that problem. The color shift of this polish is very subtle and makes for a great addition to your nail polish collection.

Last Friday Night

Last Friday Night OPI Katy Perry CollectionCredit: pinkchocolate-break.blogspot.com



OPI describes it as, “T.G.I.F. = This Glittery-blue is Fierce!” While in the bottle, this looks like a vibrant blue polish with glitter. When applied to the nails, it’s actually a clear polish with a little hint of blue. This nail polish contains small shimmer particles that are silver and turquoise in color. It doesn’t have as much glitter as Teenage Dream but makes for a lovely addition as well.

                                                                                 The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away OPI Katy Perry CollectionCredit: rachttlg.wordpress.com



OPI describes it as, “You always thought you’d marry this amazing deep berry.” This richly pigmented and opaque polish is absolutely beautiful. It’s a deep berry/magenta pink color with hints of shimmer. The One That Got Away is a favorite to many and looks even better in person. When this red-toned wine purple color is applied with black shatter, it looks amazing!

The Katy Perry collection is a successful collaboration with the OPI brand. These make great additions for the collector and all those who love to wear nail polishes in general.