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Hawaii is one of the most diverse places on the planet.  Comprised of eight separate islands, it boasts numerous tourists from both the United States and Asia.  The weather in Hawaii is picturesque and it is challenging to find more inviting ocean waters that contain an abundance of sea creatures and constant warm temperatures.  You can even spot the unbelievably large humpback whales migrating to and from. 

 Kauai, the island that is furthest west, is known as the garden island for its lush almost fabricated mountains and ridges.  Its coastline with deep terrifying cliffs and rough seas is unlike any on the other islands of Hawaii.  Despite it being the oldest of the islands, it community is small, quaint, and there are less tourist.   To get here, you will most likely need to take an inter-island flight from one of the more popular islands.  

If traveling to Hawaii, Kauai should not be missed, especially Kauai’s hiking trails.  Its rustic mountains and thrashing waters hold some of the best adventures the Hawaiian Islands have to offer.  These adventures consist of kayaking the coastline and into hidden caves, hiking one of the worlds most dangerous treks, and surfing with some of the most intense surfers. 

Kauai hiking is unbelievable.  Kauai’s coastline from north to west can only be traveled by hiking or water and offers a sense of remoteness that no other area can.  If setting out on a hike, turn to one side and below your feet you will see the bluest ocean water crashing onto rustic coastline.  Turn to your other side and you will be greeted by an intimidating rain forest that offers both fresh fruit and dangerous rivers. 


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One of the most well known hikes Kauai offers is the Na Pali Hanakapi'ai Trek.  This Kauai hike offers 11 miles (one way), but don’t set off too fast!  This hike is also one of the world’s most dangerous.  If too much rain falls (which as exhibited by Kauai’s lushness, rain is common), the trail can turn into debilitating mudslides leaving everything in its path slippery.  The heat can also be hazardous as some of the climbing areas are exposed to the harsh sun.  You will want to make sure you are well prepared with water, food, hiking boots, and hiking poles.  

Despite the Na Pali Hanakapi'ai Kauai Hiking warnings, this is also one of the world’s most beautiful hikes.  The first two miles of the trip are open to all tourists, but if you want to go further, you will need to obtain a permit and plan to camp.  Each mile takes effort and will not go quickly.  People who are in good shape can do the one way eleven miles in about a day, however it could take twelve plus hours. 

If for Kauai hiking, two miles (four miles round trip) is not enough, you can add on Hanakapi'ai waterfall.  After two miles, you will arrive at a semi-private beach (only accessible by hiking).  There are many black round stones on the beach made into formations.  Here you will proceed south up a rocky trail and two miles later you will reach the majestic one hundred foot waterfalls.  This is the best of Kauai hiking.  If you want to go hiking while visiting Kauai, this trek cannot be missed!