Kava, also known as "Kava Kava" or Piper Methysticum is a completely legal natural relaxant in the United States. It is a natural relaxant that comes from the root of the Kava plant. Kava is widely used and grown in the micronations of Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and many other nations (and even Hawaii). This plant has been used for thousands of years as the Pacific's secret drink for ceremonial purposes.

Kava was discovered and eventually brought to America and other nations as an export. Usually you will receive good, pure kava in dried powdered form. The capsule form that you can buy at national retail chains are of a low concentration of the active ingredient Kavalactones and should be avoided entirely.

Kava will only give you a relaxing, peaceful effect if you take it on an empty stomach, and I mean EMPTY! (Think not eating for 6 hours before taking it!) There are several vendors online that are extremely reputable to buy powdered Kava from, but there are also 1 or 2 bad seeds that have an inferior product. You should look up a review of the company by searching on a search engine a review of that company to see if they offer legitimate pure kava.

Kava was rumored many years ago to have toxic effects, but that is because unscrupulous vendors were using the leaves of the kava plant in their product which is HIGHLY TOXIC. Pure, unadulterated kava will only include the root which is not toxic at all.

Kava does have a few side effects however that you should take note of. If taken for extended periods of time it does tend to dry out many people's skin, which is natures way of telling you that you should apply some lotion and cut back on your kava usage. It also can interact with certain medications and it should not be taken with alcohol. It may also cause next day drowsiness or irritability.

There are a couple of types of kava that you should look for. Kava that is high in something called DHM will offer a very heavy, muscle relaxing, sedating effect. Kava that is high in something called Kavain usually provides a very mentally uplifting, energizing effect. It is up to you to choose which type is best for you.

Kava is a legal and safe (if not taken with certain medications and alcohol, look up your medication you are taking to see if it interacts with kava before use!) product that you can buy almost anywhere online. It is a product that offers pure relaxation in such a crazy world, and it enters you into a culture that is unique and extremely interesting.