Kava kava, known as piper methysticum, has antidepressant properties, which can be used as a herbal supplement to treat anxiety and depression. Anxiety is a problem a lot of us have from time-to-time. For some, anxiety can impact their lives so much, that it limits them from accomplishing simple tasks that most people are accustomed to. Anxiety can be a very serious and life threatening illness to deal with. There are quite a few ways to get help for anxiety, and herbal ways like with kava kava capsules might be a good alternative way to treat anxiety naturally. Moral support from loved ones, and therapy are great ways to help overcome anxiety as well. Kava kava supplements combined with that, might make things a little easier to deal with anxiety. Down below explains what kava kava capsules for anxiety can do for you, and whether or not you should take kava. Be aware of some of the side effects and dosage recommendation before taking as a herbal supplement. Also, consult a doctor before you consider taking kava kava capsules for anxiety.

Is Anxiety an a Serious Illness?

Anxiety is a very serious illness, where it can totally change someone's life. Anxiety might impact a person's relationship, job, or school performance. Anxiety usually starts to happen during adolescents, but it can start at an earlier age even. There are a lot of causes to anxiety. Some can be genetics, depression, drugs and alcohol, or improper brain chemistry. However, I think one of the leading causes to anxiety might be environment. Changing schools, jobs, or a lot of stress dude to your environment might lead to anxiety. Anxiety effects over 4 millions Americans.

Anxiety Risk Factors

Most people who struggle from anxiety look for an alternative way to treat it. Self medication might be one of the biggest symptoms. Alcohol and drugs are usually used, however, they will definitely make the condition much worse. Anxiety can lead to drug and alcohol addiction, which itself is a very serious health condition. Some other risk factors of anxiety can lead to suicidal thoughts, and severe depression.

Anxiety Symptoms

According to mayoclinic, some of the symptoms of anxiety can include fatigue, muscle tension, trembling, obsessive worrying, insomnia from constant worrying, nausea, ulcers, and diarrhea. Symptoms can lead a person into complete isolation, where they struggle to deal with any kind of social situation. Social situations that automatically makes a person feel panicked, and very nervous and uncomfortable to be around.

How Kava Kava for Anxiety Works

Kava comes from the pacific islands, and it has been used as a ceremonial drink for hundreds of years. Kava has a calming effect on the body. It's similar to alcohol, in that it can make you feel a bit drowsy. A lot of clinical studies find that kava can have an effect on anxiety, by calming the body and mind. According to University of Maryland Medical Center, a 2004 study was found to have improved cognitive function and moods. When taking 300 mg, significant improvement was seen.

The kavalactones found in kava provide psychoactive effects, and with about 30% to 70% of kavalactones that are found in capsules, it can improve anxiety, and social behavior. Six different kavalactones have been recognized as having an effect on anxiety, depression, and insomnia. One of the main things kavalactones does, is that it relaxes muscles and helps to loosen the tension and stress that your body and mind are feeling. It has a similar effect that valium has for anxiety.

According to studies done with kava, compared to placebo, within a week's time of taking kava, anxiety symptoms were said to have improved significantly compared to placebo. Kava kava can really help with anxiety and depression, because it also improves sleep. Those with insomnia, stress, and anxiety might find kava helps improves all three effectively. Kava be taken as an extract, in tinctures, or as capsules.

Kava Kava Dosage

Kava Kava capsules, supplements, and other forms of kava should not be given to pets or children. It's only for adults to take. So store in a safe place away from children and pets to get into. According to umm.edu, the recommended dosage of capsules for adults is between 150-300 mg, 1-3 times a day for anxiety. Kava dried root: 2-4 grams up to three times a day. Do not take kava kava capsules for anxiety on your own. Talk to your doctor first. There are kava side effects, and they're definitely not for everyone. Also, consult with a doctor if you're taking any prescribed medications. Do not take kava capsules if you're prescribed on any other anxiety or depression antidepressants. Also, do not drink alcohol or take any other drugs with kava. It is an antidepressant, and you shouldn't drive if you've taken kava.

Kava Side Effects

The kava side effects are extremely important to understand first and foremost. There has been some serious side effects with liver failure. Although, this is reportedly a very rare side effect, however, if you have a history of liver disease, then should not take kava capsules unless your doctor prescribes it. Women breast feeding or who are pregnant shouldn't take kava. Some other reported side effects include; dizziness, fatigue, and upset stomach.

Where to Buy Kava Kava Capsules

I'd avoid buying kava off of any manufacturer websites. Recommended places to purchase kava kava capsules for anxiety online, would be sites like amazon, walgreens, the vitamin shoppe, and health superstore. Before you purchase kava extract supplements, make sure it has between 30% to 70% of kavalactones in it. Without the kavalactones, kava can't treat anxiety naturally.