If you would like to get into fishing without investing thousands of dollars; you really should give strong consideration to the sport of kayak fishing. Ever increasing in popularity, kayak fishing is fun, affordable and even on those days when the fish just aren't biting; at least you can get in a nice workout just paddling around and enjoying the great outdoors. If this sounds like fun to you ..well trust me, I've been a member of the kayak fisshing fraternity longer than most and  can almost  guarantee you will love it.

Kayak fishing has been around for decades, but has really exploded in the last 10 years. You can find hundreds of how to articles on the web, so I would like to cut through a lot of the clutter and share five quick and easy tips to picking the right kayak and therefore ensuring an enjoyable experience. Your kayak is the largest cost associated with kayak fishing and is by far the most important thing!

  1. What type to buy? There are two basic types of kayaks available: sit on top (SOT) or sit in. The type you choose will depend on how and where you plan to fish. If you plan to fish in the ocean, rivers or any large bodies of water; I highly recommend going with a SOT. These boats cannot swamp (fill up with water and capsize). Sit ins are better suited to flat water such as small lakes and ponds.
  2. Make sure you buy a kayak with a rated capacity that is at least 100 pounds greater than your body weight. You'll be surprised how much all your gear will weigh, so do yourself a big favor and check the capacity.
  3. Sleeker kayaks take far less effort to paddle, but are also far less stable. Wider yaks are slower but give you greater stability. If you don't feel comfortable with a tippy feeling, go wide. If you are okay with tipping a little go narrow.
  4. Make sure you can easily load you kayak on whatever vehicle you will be using to transport it. If you can't handle it without too much effort you are likely to just leave it hanging in your garage and never truly enjoy the experience.
  5. Get one with a comfortable seat...do I even need to elaborate?

I hope you enjoy the great sport of kayak fishing as much as I do!