There are many Kazuma four wheelers out there to choose from. In fact, you can find a great new atv for your child, or even an adult, at a fraction of the cost you would pay for a similar atv from one of the major manufacturers. These Chinese quads are sold for less, making them much more affordable for many, especially during these shaky economic times. Here's some information about Kazuma four wheelers which may help you in selecting a new 4 wheeled vehicle. For those wondering, the Red Cat brand is the same.

Lower Price

The low price was really what made the Kazuma four wheelers so popular and why other companies offer 110cc youth atvcheap Chinese four wheelers for sale. For many, it was almost too good to be true. Some considered the cost, but were scared. After all, the major brands were charging about $2,000 for a 50cc atv. Why was the Chinese brand one third of the cost? You could actually by off brand quads for under 600 dollars.

1.Smaller physical size: You'll notice that the Meerkat or Wombat is much smaller physically than the other 50cc quads offered by the major manufacturers. This allows smaller, less experienced riders an opportunity to ride a new atv. The smaller size means less material, which of course, means a lower cost to the consumer.

2.Not state of the art: Kazuma four wheelers are basically Chinese atv knockoffs. The major brands, like Honda, allowed their patents to expire. This opened up the doors for the knockoff industry to copy their reliable motors, without violating copyright laws. While the technology is older, it's still reliable.

3.Cheap labor: Yes, it's true. These are made in China, and like most other products you buy at the store, it helps to keep the consumer cost down.

4.Low end materials: As a Kazuma owner, I cannot deny that the four wheelers have lower grade materials used. While not noticeable to many, the experienced atv owner will notice the plastic to be a little thinner than the major brands, but still adequate. The metal used in the motor seems to resemble frying pan metal, but it still gets the job done.

For Little Kids

The Meerkat, sometimes called the Wombat, is a very small 50cc atv just right for very small riders. It's one of the many Kazuma four wheelers out there, and it's also the most popular of the lineup. In many cases, you can purchase one of these 4 wheeled toys for just under $700 new. This is a legitimate savings when compared to the major makers. A similar Suzuki or Yamaha will cost you almost $2,000. This makes the Kazuma four wheelers a real bargain. These will not go 35 miles per hour as claimed by many sellers. Generally, they will go under 20, which is plenty fast for a little kid.

There are some other models available for the little kids as well. The 70cc quad, which is basically the same physical size as the 50cc, offers a little more zip for more experienced riders. In addition, there is a very cool looking 90cc Mini Falcon available. This one is closer in size to a 50cc or 90cc atv from the major manufacturers. These are just some of the Kazuma four wheelers out there for the little ones to ride. Hey, 4 wheels can be lots of fun.

Bigger Kids:

For bigger kids Kazuma four wheelers take a step up. One of the most popular models is the 110cc Falcon. This atv is larger than the little ones, but smaller than most typical adult quads. The body style is pretty much a copy of Yamaha Raptor ATV's. These are a great in between size for larger kids, or small teens. Most models are a foot shift three speed, with reverse. The engine is patterned after the old 110cc Honda three wheelers. It's one of the staples of the Kazuma four wheeler lineup. While the top speed is claimed to be around 40 miles per hour by most sellers, you should not expect to go more than 25. (I know from experience.) These will only set you back about $1,000.

Kazuma four wheelers also include a 150cc model. This is a fully automatic atv, with enough power to keep a young teen, or small adult happy. The model will go approximately 30 miles per hour with a 150 pound kid on it. (Again, I know from experience.) Just $1,200 gets you a new one.


There are some nice models for adults to choose. Kazuma four wheelers include a 250cc model. While there are some nice adult machines out there, most just don't seem to be big enough to keep an experienced rider happy. Many of us would like at 500cc under our butts. Those that are physically smaller may enjoy the ride of the 250cc Kazuma four wheeler model.

The Kazuma four wheeler lineup now includes an 800cc 4 wheel drive model called the Mammoth. It's received fairly good reviews. It's a side by side model. You'll pay a little less than $7,000, which is much less than similar side by sides.

My Personal Experience:

I personally purchased two of the 110cc Kazuma four wheelers for my sons. It was almost five years ago now. No major issues of any sort. I am very happy with the purchase. My oldest son was 8 at the time of purchase. The size was acceptable. He can still ride it today comfortably. My other son was only 6 at the time. The unit was too large for him. It took him at least a year to grow into it, making it a more comfortable ride. I have been happy with my Chinese ATV experience.

I purchased a 150cc Red Cat (same thing) for my wife. I hadn't physically seen the 150, and it really didn't have enough size and power to intrigue my wife. We held onto it, she rode it here and there, and now my oldest son rides it on the trails. It has plenty of power to keep him happy for now. I'm sure that he'll want a bigger model atv before too long.

Would I Buy Them Again?

Yes, but there is a catch. If I could turn back the clock I would definitely purchase the kids Kazuma four wheelers. I'm not really sure about the 150cc, just because it didn't get much use for the first few years. I don't think I would buy the Mammoth, or another similar model for myself, or my wife. We ride much more than we used to, and I think it would be best to stick with the major brands. I'm not knocking them, they have been one of the best purchases I've ever made.

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