Keen H2 Sport SandalsCredit: Author

I have been wearing my Keen Newport H2 sandals now for about a month. During this month I have only removed them one time to wear other shoes. The Keen Newport H2 sandals have many great benefits, but there is also one major downfall with them.

The keen Newport H 2 sandals are designed as a protective sandal that can be worn in the water as well as walking around in. I ordered my Newport H2’s from Zappos. As soon as my new sandals arrived I put them on and walked around my house. Anytime you order a pair of shoes or sandals from Zappos make sure you wear them around the house first to ensure they fit properly. When you order from Zappos you not only get free shipping to your house, but also you get free shipping back to Zappos if you need a refund or exchange for a different size or style of shoe.

The Newport H2 sandals were extremely comfortable and fit my feet great so I got in my car and drove to the lake. I can honestly say this was the first time I ever spent $95.00 on a new pair of shoes and then immediately jumped into water with them on my feet, but this is why I wanted the H2 sandals.

The Newport H2 sandals by Keen were very comfortable in the water. I did not have to worry about sharp rocks hurting my feet or broken glass puncturing my skin.  The Newport H2 sandals performed flawlessly in the water.

After I got out of the water I looked at the soles of my new Keen sandals and there was a piece of glass that was stuck in the sole of the sandals. I removed the piece of glass. Without my new Keen Newport H2 sandals on this piece of glass would have ended up stuck in my skin!

The protective toe guard bumper on the shoe is great for making the sandal more versatile. I can also wear the Keen Newport sandals when I go out hiking or simply walking around the mall. The rubber toe is a great feature for this sandal.

The sole of these athletic sandals provide great traction in a variety of conditions. The Keen Newport H2 sandals are very sticky on large rocks, even when wet. The only time I have experienced a lack of traction is when kicking off on the lake bottom when the bottom is very fine sand and mud. If there are any larger or more protruded rocks then the sole is fine for traction.

I cannot talk highly enough of the Keen Newport H2 athletic sport sandals, but I do have one gripe. In the hot desert summers here in Southern Idaho the Newport H2 sandals make my feet sweat. I initially would leave them on all day long, but now I will kick them off for a few minutes here and there to give my foot a chance to breathe.

I will still order a pair of Teva Flip Flops to wear around when I am lounging as they provide more comfort for hot days around the barbeque, but the rest of the summer will be spent in my very versatile Keen Newport H2 shoes.

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