You can keep bears away from your home, yard, and family if you are willing to make a few small sacrifices. It seems that many urban areas are now even reporting this type of problem. As the hunting laws become more strict, and the animals natural habitat becomes more scarce, these types of problems will continue. You can keep bears away. Here' how to do it, and some other tips and information you may find helpful.

A little information about them:

To keep bears away from your yard you need to know a little bit about them. They are actually a very shy, timid animal. They are typically easy to frighten off, despite their large size and incredible power. They are incredibly opportunistic, which is the real problem.

Bears will take a free meal in any way they can get it. They are actually quite smart, capable of figuring out ways to get to the food sources. They are scavengers to some extent, they will eat just about anything. Legend has it that black and brown bears are herbivores. That's not true. Bears will eat just about anything, so meat is on the menu.

Bears are very protective of their young. One of the last things you want to do is make a sow feel like you are threatening to her cub. This is one of those things that is non habit forming. Use caution. They may be timid and shy, but they are extremely protective, strong, and capable of killing you in seconds.

Why are they in my yard?

Bears will look for an easy meal wherever they can find it. You can keep them away by making it harder for them, which we'll discuss a little later. Their population is on the rise, while their habitat is on the decline.

In recent years, bear hunting has gotten much more strict. The rules governing the hunting season has helped populations to increase. Hunting has been used in the past for population control.

To make matters worse, the amount of habitat these animals have to call home is getting smaller. As man continue to push home and buildings into new areas, their homes shrink in size. This has forced the bears into yards and rural areas, making it hard to keep them away.

How do I keep bears away from my yard?

You will need to make some small changes to your yard and home to keep the bears away. Since these animals are ultimately in search of food, you need to limit what you have for an easy meal. Here's how to keep bears away from your yard and home.

1. Lose the bird feeder: You can keep it out during the winter, when the animals are hibernating. In the spring through fall, however, it's just another easy meal for these animals. Nature will provide plenty of food for the birds during the summer months. For many that enjoy bird watching, this is one of the most unpopular ways to keep bears away. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most effective ways to keep bears away from your yard and home.

2. Compost carefully: If you are into composting, you need to really be careful of what you place on the pile. Any food items will attract them, especially the sweet stuff. To keep bears away you need to limit your composting. This may not give you the rich compost you want for your gardens and flowers, but it will help to keep the bears away from your home and yard.

3. Keep garbage in the garage: The scent of your trash will attract them. If you want to keep bears away, you should keep the trash cans in the garage, with the doors closed. There are no guarantees here, one of these incredibly strong animals can easily push in the door to get the free meal. Still, if you make it harder, it may help to keep bears away from your home and your yard. Use airtight cans, and double bag. A little arm and hammer will help to cut the scent as well.

4. Store the grill somewhere safe: Hunters use food grease to attract them for hunting. You grill is full of the scents of meat and the grease. Keep the grill in a safe place, like your garage to help keep bears away. Cleaning regularly will help out a lot as well.

5. Pet stuff: If you have dogs or other pets outside, the food and water bowls they have may attract them. The dogs themselves will help to keep bears away, but when they are in the home, the food bowls left outside are an attractant.

6. Fruit trees: They eat a lot of fruit. Keep bears away by limiting the number of fruit trees you plant. If you're like me, you have no intention of getting rid of the apple trees. At the minimum, you should pick up the ones on the ground, to help reduce the scent. This will help to keep bears away, so you can keep your home and yard safe.

7. Don't feed the wildlife: They eat pretty much anything, so if you want to keep bears away you will need to quit feeding the squirrels and deer as well. This may not be a popular idea, but it's one of the necessary steps to keep bears away so your home and yard remain safe. It limits the other parts of nature that you'll see, but it's very effective.

Why is this so scary?

As we all try to keep bears away, we tend to miss something right in front of us: mothers are teaching these habits to their cubs. The cubs learn to hunt for food from the mother. When the mother shows the cub these things, it's engrained in the mind. What you do today to keep bears away will make it much easier for tomorrow.

There really are several ways to keep bears away. If you use good safety precautions, you can have a safe yard and home. You are in their habitat, too. Even if you do everything listed, you still may have bears in your yard. Be safe.