Marketing Budget

It is not difficult to have an effective direct mail marketing campaign that draws in customers both new and old, within a budget. Set up a full marketing campaign, by putting all the correct pieces in place, to effectively reach your target audience, with many messages, as frequently as your budget will allow.

Direct Mail Marketing - Know Your Objective

· Your direct mail marketing campaign should follow your comprehensive marketing plan with a clear and concise objective.

· Is the mailing for name recognition, special offer to increase sales, or generate referrals, etc?

· What do you want to say?

· Have this information for the entire series of your direct mail marketing campaign. Remember, it takes at least seven exposures to get your target audience's so plan on a consistent campaign.

Direct Mail Marketing - Make it Personal

· People like to receive letters in the mail from friends and relatives and not junk mail.

· Personalize each direct mail piece that is sent out to your target audience.

· Tell them how your product/service will help them solve a problem or help them in some way.

· Let them know how valuable their patronage is to you.

· This marketing tactic will help your message to be looked at and keep your advertisement from being thrown away.

Direct Mail Marketing - Give Incentives

· Everyone loves to get something at a discount or a free.

· This tactic can be used for returning customers to keep them coming back or providing referrals.

· Use this marketing tactic to gain the attention of, and create new,

· Ensure the incentive is professional and valuable for the recipient and is delivered promptly.

Direct Mail Marketing - Why do Business with You

· Use a direct mail campaign to tell the recipient the benefits and reasons why they should come back to use you again or use you for the first time.

· These benefits must be valuable to the recipient, not you, and should not be features of your product but true benefits your product provides.

· Make sure they know why you are better than any of your competitors out there. What makes you stand out from the crowd? Your inside reality must become the outside perception.

Direct Mail Marketing - Contact Information

· Always provide a way for them to contact your business.

· Give them options such as coming into the store or showroom, phone, email, or your website.

· This may sound trivial but it is often a forgotten piece of the direct mail marketing piece. Do not leave a customer, who wants to use your product and is sold on your advertisement, with absolutely no way to reach you.

Taking these steps will ensure that your direct mail marketing campaign is effective in bringing in new and existing customers to your business. With these tactics in mind you will run an effective direct mail marketing campaign, keep your business in the minds of your consumer, and keep your campaign within your budget.