Keep The Kids Safe Around Fireworks

This year when you start to celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks, make sure you take a few precautions to keep the kids safe.  There are some simple small steps that you can take to insure the fireworks are enjoyed by everyone without any injuries to the kids.

Set Expectations

Before your 4th of July gathering gets rolling and dozens of people are circling around the yard, be sure to have a talk with your kids about your expectations for a safe night.  Tell them about what they can and can't do without asking you and what the boundaries are for them.  Make sure you let them know what you will let them do as well so they know some fun is coming their way.

Sparkler Bucket

Keep Kids Safe Around FireworksAh, the sparkler.  It is a kids favorite, especially for the smaller kids.  But sparklers can be dangerous, and one of the most overlooked dangers is where the used wand gets thrown.  Get a bucket ready and teach the kids that all used sparkler wands get tossed into the bucket.  That way, no bare feet will come in contact with a red hot stick in the lawn and nobody will get poked by a wand in the grass either. 

No Matches

The 4th of July means lighters and matches are all over.  To keep your kids safe, make sure you know where the matches are and who is responsible for them.  Don't let kids try to light things with matches on their own.  Use supervision.  Remember that frequently used lighters get very hot and can burn little hands.  Let the adults do the lighting.

No Handhelds

Don't let kids hold things that they shouldn't be holding.  It is tempting to start lighting roman candles and other fireworks in your hand, but it is not smart.  There are almost no fireworks that are supposed to be in your hands when you light them, so make sure your kids adhere to these guidelines as well.  It wouldn't hurt if the adults minded this rule either.


If you have a home fireworks display, keep the kids at a safe distance.  Fireworks displays should have a person or two responsible for the ignition and everyone else in the viewing area.  Keep kids in the viewing area, which is far enough away to avoid any unexpected fireworks.  Fireworks say "light and get away" for a reason.  You don't need kids circling the immediate area.

Keep Track

Keep track of your kids during the fireworks display.  The 4th of July has the added challenge of happening at night when it is dark, so if you're out in a crowd it iseasy to lose track of your little ones.  Consider a glow in the dark necklace or bracelet or other item so you can spot them from several feet away.  It will give you peace of mind knowing you can spot them in the crowd.

If you follow these tips to keep kids safe around 4th of July fireworks, you can look forward to a more relaxing and enjoyable holiday.