Once your baby starts to crawl there is no doubt that she or he won't start to get into things.  They are going to want to start exploring the world around them.  One of the most awesome tools to have is the VTech Sit to Stand Walker.

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It is a great toy to have from the time your baby starts to crawl up until when your baby is starting to walk and he or she will be scooting all over the house with it.

The front of the walker has all kinds of toys that light up and sing as your baby enjoys interacting with it.  This is a toy that will keep your little one busy for quite some time.  There is also a play phone attached to the walker as your bundle of joy can be creative and talk to family members while playing.  There are many popular songs that this toy will sing that your child may recognize.  Each individual toy within this walker is specifically made to help develop the motor skills of your baby.  As they grow up, they will begin to pull themselves up onto the walker and may start taking a few steps allowing the walker to guide them along since it has wheels on it.  Since the wheels are larger and there are four of them, this toy can easily scoot across hard floors as well as carpet.  The colors are neutral so both boys and girls can enjoy this fun toy.

This fun Vtech walker also has the capabilities of folding down for easy storage.  No need to worry about this toy taking up room in the closet or in your living room as it can be folded when not using for easy convenience.  You can easily pack this up to take to Grandma's house or to bring with you on vacation to keep your little one occupied.  The things you can do with this interactive toy are simply amazing.  Both the parents and the little ones will love it.

You can also order this package frustration free so you don't need to worry about the hassle with opening the box and struggling to get it out while your baby becomes impatient with the process.  There is nothing more exciting for a baby than seeing a bright new toy for him or her ready to be played with.

Not only does this amazing interactive toy get five stars for creative play, but it also is rated high because it is so affordable.  There is no need to spend an arm and a leg on something that your baby won't use for long.  This toy not only grows with your child from baby to toddler but it is also extremely affordable and is still built with superb quality.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free Packaging)
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