The importance of recycling has never been more to the forefront than in today's heightened awareness of our environment.

There is more than one way to ensure that we maintain a healthy environment and that it continues into the future and recycling is one of the most important. Environmental sustainability can be considered a strong basis to ensure sustainable development and there is no doubt that the growth of an economy is not possible without considering the environmental aspect. This means that towns and cities across New Zealand need to overcome the challenge of managing municipal and industrial waste through employing more modern technology to recycle any waste products or by forging partnerships with leading waste management companies.

One of the most challenging parts of handling waste products is not only the cost and space but environmental hazards. Originally, the issue was ‘managing’ waste products, followed by waste disposal but now, with modern technology, the challenge is to recycle waste products into a new usable product without creating any health hazards or impacting the environment. Our leading waste management companies have the facility to do just that and it is for this reason that companies and councils alike need to engage more fully with them.

Recycling saves energy and certainly uses less landfill space so the concept of recycling waste products needs to be instilled into our future generations and should come as second nature to any right-thinking person today as we begin to appreciate the huge waste problems being created every day, particularly in our big cities. It is not just up to the ‘recycling aware’ homeowner to take charge of their waste. Construction and demolition waste is also becoming a problem – a problem for the waste disposal companies who have to deal with it. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the construction companies themselves need to take charge of the problem. The good news is that today we have knowledgeable and ethical waste management companies that are using their experience in the field to provide a sorting, treatment and processing service which is helping to keep our environment ‘clean and green’ and balanced.

 With the modern waste management technology available today, there is no reason why we can’t keep a check on the proliferation of landfills. The cost involved in recycling waste material can be prohibitive but the benefits of recycling definitely counteract these costs and we must continue our efforts to improve and enhance our environment for our future generations.