We all have busy lives, and sometimes its hard to find extra time to work on articles for InfoBarrel and other sites. You have to take advantage of what ever time you can, and it's not always when you're sitting in front of your computer that you get that extra time. Here are a couple of apps for Android that are great for continuing your article writing on InfoBarrel while you're on the go, with alternative options for iPhone.

Google DocsDocuments

Use Google Docs on Android to create new documents while you're on the go, cozy in a coffee shop, or in your own home. If you don't like creating new documents on your mobile device you can stick to reviewing and editing your documents while you're riding the bus. For iPhone GoDocs will get Google Docs on your phone.

Flick NoteNotes

Flick Note is a faster much more basic app than Google Docs for Android. It is a simple note taking app that allows you to take quick notes while you are out and about so you don't forget your latest great idea. Flick Note also syncs with the Simplenote webapp so that your notes are available to you at your computer when you sit down to work. For iPhone you can use the official Simplenote app.

Google Adsense(76426)Advertising

AdSense Dashboard is a great free app for Android that pulls your AdSense data to your phone. It's also handy if, at your computer, you're logged in under a different GMail account. Android supports the use of multiple GMail accounts simultaneously on an app by app basis, rather than browser wide as on your computer, making it easy to manage multiple GMail accounts. iPhone options include DuoSense or Quicksense for $3.99.

Google Analytics(76427)Analytics

gAnalytics is a free app that displays your basic Google Analytics data on your Android device so you can keep track of your article statistics any where. There are also more powerful pay apps such as Analytix and DroidAnalytics which give more in-depth information. Analytics App is a popular iPhone choice, and costs $5.99.



Facebook and Twitter are great apps to have for both Android and iPhone so that you can quickly promote your articles after you upload them.

Let me know about any apps that you find useful for using InfoBarrel while on the go in the comment section.