Truck Accessories

Anyone who has driven home a new set of wheels from the showroom knows it’s an expensive purchase. Smart truck owners know the value of taking care of their vehicle to make it last longer. Spending some extra money on accessories can help maintain the truck’s life and make it last a few more years.

Protecting the Vehicle
Buying a truck with no extras may cost less initially, but over time the vehicle can wear down faster without accessories. Working men and women who depend on their truck to do business quickly learn the value of accessories like Truck Tool Boxes, a Truck Bed Mat and Mud Flaps. Installed correctly, each accessory does its job perfectly. Not only that, but they add style.

Tools can be stored in the cab of the truck, but they take up passenger room. Tool boxes are handy for keeping tools stored in the bed from sliding back and forth every time the vehicle starts, stops or turns. They not only keep the bed from getting dented and scratched up, but they extend the life of the tools as well. Various types of Truck Tool Boxes include:

•       Standard crossover boxes, installed behind the cab
•       Lockable tool box chests, to store expensive tools
•       Double lid boxes, to provide access from either side
•       Specialty tool boxes, to store wheel wells, trailer tongues and other larger tools
•       Side mount boxes, to cater to the needs of contractors
•       Topsider boxes to maximize storage capacity with drop down doors

A Truck Bed Mat protects the bed when hauling anything from bricks and logs to furniture, luggage or even groceries. An additional option is to purchase tailgate mats, for extra protection. Also, adding Truck Bed Caps protects the bed side rails, the front of the bed behind the cab and the tailgate.

When driving in rain, on muddy roads or off-road, don’t forget the value of Mud Flaps. Installing them not only protects the vehicle from mud, but also from gravel, small rocks and debris kicked up by the tires. A good set of Mud Flaps keeps the paint job shiny and protects the truck body from scratches and pockmarks. Additionally, installing Headache Racks behind the cab guards the rear window against any objects flying up from the truck bed.

Front and Side Protection
Nerf Bars and Running Boards also extend the life of the truck, as well as making it easier for both driver and passengers to climb in and out. Using a sturdy nerf bar provides a platform to step on, eliminating constant wear and tear on the truck over time. Running Boards act in much the same way, only they are flatter and provide even more support.

There are variations to Nerf Bars and Running Boards, to add style as well as increase usefulness. Extra-wide Nerf Bars can be installed, to customize the truck. A combination of running boards and steps can make climbing aboard easier for everyone. Stylish side box tubes and boards act in much the same way.

Grill Guards or a sturdy Bull Bar, which work similar to the way cow catchers worked on old-fashioned trains, protect the front of the truck. Vehicles with a Bull Bar attached to the front have extra protection in case of a collision. If the bar happens to cover the license plate, a license plate mount can easily be added. Custom fitted Grill Guards shield the truck’s headlights, front grill, bumper and fender.

Heavy Duty Accessories
Some truck owners who use their vehicles for work, such as painters, roofers or carpenters, have a definite need for Ladder Racks. Depending on the contractor’s needs, either half Ladder Racks or full Ladder Racks may be purchased. A cab rack can also provide protection while doubling as a ladder rack.

Some do-it-yourselfers may need a general Cargo Carrier, installed either in the cab or in the truck bed, to do their job. These types of carriers can be used for a home-based job, such as carrying cleaning supplies or lawn equipment, or even for recreation, such as hauling camping or boating equipment. Some routinely haul fuel back and forth to a jobsite, and they need Fuel Transfer Tanks for safety as well as protection for the truck body. Reliable Fuel Transfer Tanks can come in steel or aluminum and either an L-shape, hammer head, rectangular or square shape.

Pet owners transporting their dog can use Aluminum Dog Boxes to keep the animal safe while protecting the truck bed from being scratched. They are lightweight, easily installed and give the dog adequate ventilation. They are easy to clean, and comfortable for the pet.

Adding just the right accessory maintains the truck’s life, and carefully choosing what’s needed will preserve that pricey vehicle for the long run. Installing truck accessories for the exterior of the vehicle will keep it looking shiny and new. It will also add years of driving enjoyment.