Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine. He was my room mate and he was entirely addicted to Ever Quest 2 or as I call Ever Crack. This friend of mine also had one of the most gorgous girlfriends you can imagine. She was super curvy, well proportioned, and pretty much a 10. I admit to being jealous. So you'd think that if he had a choice between going on raids with his friends online, most of whom he doesn't actually know in real life that he would and his lovely lady he would chose her. Wrong..and eventually she got sick of it. So as a fellow gamer myself and as a witness to several such incidents as the one listed above I will provide you with tips that let you get your game on and still have a happy girlfriend.

1) The most obvious one is to get her to play with you. Find games that both of you enjoy and play together. Couples that play together stay together.

2) Have a job that is not related to video games and also is not homebased. If you are either unemployed, work at Gamestop or work online that means that you have fewer reasons to leave the house. This intern means that your girlfriend can't meet you on the way home or for lunch break because you are still home gaming. You might think this is a strange tip, however my room mate did web design and architectual drafting from home. I though it was a pretty cool gig but what it turned in to was him constantly crafting items and taking breaks to play as he would shift back and forth between the game/work. Once he started working from home he rarely left the house and whenever his girlfriend called he was busy gaming even when he was working.

3) Try to get in to her hobbies. If your girl is still not gaming try to get in to something she is into. It's likely that if you want to say go horseback riding or start running marathons with her that not only will you spend some quality time together but she might recipricate and play video games with you even if she isnt a gamer.

4) Schedule dates! Get yourself a day planner and pencil her in. She's important so make time. Also pencil in the times she is working, has plans with her friends or in class. If you know when she will not be available you can work in your gaming around that.

5) Besides the fact that lots of guys end up neglecting their significant other due to their video game addiction gaming can have other reprocussions. Gaming can make you a fatty. It's true, how many calories do you burn playing your xbox 360. None....unless of course you're playing it using the Kinnecy perefial. Excergaming is where it's at. The wii started the whole excergaming for homeconsole fad but the kinnect takes it to the next level. Games like Dance Central, Fighters Uncaged, and even more excercise centered titlea like your shape fitness evolved can seriously be exhausted and help you lose that gamer gut. Also because you are using your body as the controller your casual gamer girlfriend won't feel too intimidated to jump in on the action.

6) Considering going to a Gaming Convention together. She might not ever appreciate playing video games but some of the larger conventions like Blizz Con, Mega Con, and the Penny Arcade Expo also have cosplay events, live music, and plenty of activities. Arrive early or stay a day late and go check out a local restraunt or other cool venue. Make it into a romantic get away and she might want to go to every con you go to.

7) Game on the go. If you find yourself bored to tears becuase you've got yourself dragged along on some shopping errand or your girlfriend is on the phone with her bff why not just bring a gameboy along. There are plenty of great portable titles that can keep portably preoccupied while not keeping you couped up indoors.

8) Lastly I would tell you to man up and realize that a relationship if more important than saving a virtual world or finding the perfect armor set for your blood elf warlock. If you think you might have an unhealthy addiction seek help. There are tons of online support groups. If it's already affecting your relationship you also might consider couples counseling.