Time spent with playing video games and time spent with your girlfriend doesn't have to lead to conflict in the relationship. Guys, there is a way to peacefully co-exist while enjoying video games and your girlfriend. And no, it doesn't entail giving up all of your free time.

Resolving Conflicts

The following four suggestions should help you resolve conflicts that may come up between your girlfriend and the time you spend playing video games:

  • If conflict arises because of your girlfriend feels you aren't spending enough time with her then create a schedule. Work out a reasonable schedule where you designate time to concentrate on the things she is interested in or just spending time talking with her face to face (not texting).
  • If she is a fan of video games but just not interested in the violent or racing video games you play, then find a game you both will enjoy playing. If you have a Wii or Kinect video gaming system then this shouldn't be much of a problem. There are games you can play together and count this as quality time with your girlfriend. Once she leaves you can play the games you enjoy.
  • Guys, if she wants you to take her shopping when you would much rather play video games online, take advantage of the vast apps on mobile phones or use one of the hand held games available. While she is trying on clothes take the time to enjoy your video games. Just remember to pay attention when your girlfriend steps out of the dressing room and respond accordingly when she asks "How do I look?"
  • Take time to research a topic that is of interest to her and start a conversation. She will be so impressed you went out of your way to do so that she will take more of a interest in your video gaming or allow you more time playing the games.

Just because you enjoy video games does not mean you have to give up your girlfriend. Planning ahead, being prepared, and looking for ways to incorporate spending time with your girlfriend will allow you to keep both the video games and your girlfriend.

If you implement these suggestions and find she is still demanding more and more of your time, then this would be a good time to end the relationship since she is unreasonable and may be boarding on being a control freak.