Healthy Lucky bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

Quick Tips On Taking Proper Care Of Your Plant

A lot of people have hard time taking care of their lucky bamboos without damaging them after a little while. They are actually not hard to take care of but sometimes it can be tricky when it comes to keeping them healthy. What you need to know is some simple ways to keep your plant in the best condition.

Before purchasing: If you still have not purchased your lucky bamboo, you should know that some of them might be unhealthy already. Look at the plant carefully and make sure all the branches and leaves are green and healthy. Lucky bamboos should not smell. When choosing, smell near the roots and make sure they do not smell. If they have a bed smell it is because they are not healthy.

Proper pot or vase: Choose a pot or vase that is not too tight and make sure there are at least 2 inches of space around the plant. The roots have to have a proper space to grow. You can fill the pot/vase with pebbles for support.

Light and temperature: This plant grows better in spaces with more light. However, direct sunlight or too much light can seriously harm them. If you have choose to put your plant either in a place with low light or a place with too much light, choose the place with low light. The best temperature to keep lucky bamboos in is between 18Ëš C (65ËšF) and 32ËšC (90ËšF).

Water: If you keep the plant in pebbles, there should always be around an inch of water above the pebbles. The water should not be chlorinated. If you want to use tap water, leave it for 24 hours to dechlorinate and then water with it. You can also water them with bottled water, which is safer because over time chlorinated water will damage the plant. Change the water once every week unless it evaporates.

Soil: If for some reason you do not want to keep the lucky bamboo in pebbles, you can also grow it in soil. Purchase a bag of good quality soil and completely cover up the roots. Do not soak the soil with water but make sure it is always moist. Fertilizers are also good for but using them is not crucial. You can add very little of even weak fertilizers to the soil but do not use them more than once every month.