Finding a gift which is as unique as it is apt is often easier said than done. A luxury photo book will always be a thoughtful gift, but one which you create yourself as part of the range of photo gifts available raises the bar even higher.

Tracking down the very best ideas is, on the whole, a case of finding those things which are a little bit different from the run of the mill offerings such as socks, ties and book tokens. Whilst gifts such as these, which tend to be the choices that people fall back on when choosing something for their dad, will doubtless be gratefully received, the very fact that they are the first thing to come to mind means that they will also seem a little bit rushed and thoughtless. Sourcing something like a photo book, on the other hand, will clearly take a little bit of time and it’s this time, and the effort it implies, which has far more of an impact than any consideration as to the amount of money spent.

If you pick up one of the many photo books available on the shelves of a high street book shop, the first thing you’ll notice is just how sturdy and heavy an object it is. That’s because the paper used tends to be thick, rich, high quality photographic paper, chosen to show off every detail of the images featured to their very best effect. The same is true of the binding and the front and back covers, all of which will be chosen to ensure that the volume will be solid and well made enough to last for many years. The breakthroughs which have been made in the field of photo gifts, the area whereby a person can choose their favourite images and have them turned into a huge range of items, mean that it is now possible to take these standards and apply them to volumes aimed at storing and showing off your own personal photographs. The principle is similar to that which used to apply to the concept of photo albums – a book within which you could keep your most treasured memories – but the difference is that a volume such as this will be a luxury item rather than a slightly shabby scrapbook.

The technology via which you can create your own book has been made as simple as possible. Once you’ve chosen which images you wish to feature – whether this means a chronicle of a particular holiday or a book celebrating a wedding, for example – you just have to upload them to the relevant website and then set about designing the layout of the pages. The software has been built in a way which means it is so simple that absolutely no experience is required. The same is true of other stunning gifts such as one off canvas prints which, again, are put together using production values which would be the envy of professional practitioners.

Creating your own photo gifts to hand over to loved ones is a stunningly effective way of letting them know how much they mean to you. Photo books crammed with personal memories will be received with delight and treasured for years to come.  

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