If your just moving to your new apartment home and your bringing a pet with you, the move may be stressful for your pets. If you can show patience and affection, this may go a long way into assisting your pet with the move. Here are a few details and helpful tips that may go a long way.


When you bring your cat with you, try and confine your cat to only one room. This will allow you time to configure and prepare your apartment home in living conditions. Set up a place for your cat's water and food bowls, litter box, and cat bed.

If your cat is not trained for indoor living, now may be the perfect time. Indoor cats have shown to be extremely healthy and live longer. If you can prevent your cat from going outdoors, it will lessen their interest to establish territories outside. Some cats enjoy laying on window perches or with a view of the outdoor area. If you also provide lots of attention and play with your cat, it may have all it needs.


In order to introduce your dog into a friendly environment, try and set up all furniture, toys, crates, and food and water bowls in a familiar setting. If you have to leave for an extended period of time look into a pet sitter or some sort of daily care for your dog.

Pet Proof Your Apartment Home

You will want to make sure you provide a safe place for your pet to eat and play. Here is a brief list of rule you may want to consider.

Put all items away that may be poisonous to your dogs. Insect sprays, pesticides, household cleaning products, chocolate, etc should be securely put away.
If you have any worn cords attached to lamps or electronic equipment replace them
Any fences or screens that are not tightly shut or locked should be replaced or repaired.

Also remember to located a veterinary clinic or pet hospital in case of an emergency.