Every day, an estimated nine people drown. One in four swimming accidents are serious enough to warrant hospital treatment. Drowning is a top cause of accidental death among kids up to 14 years of age and a leading cause of death for kids aged one to four. Most drownings among children occur in backyards. Non-fatal drowning can result in brain damage and long-term disability from memory loss to permanent loss of functioning and learning disabilities. Installing a cover on an above ground and inground pool is just one way to prevent accidents and injuries. 

Other Functions

Swimming pool covers serve more functions than just reducing the chance of injury and death. They help maintain water temperature and heat, which can lower energy costs. They also help reduce chemical needs and keep the water clean by blocking out garbage, leaves, branches and other debris. 

Swimming Pool Covers
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Safety covers can hold a minimum of 485 lbs. per 5 sq. ft. Swimming pool covers used to prevent accidents are different than ordinary, fitted water-proof vinyl sheets and conform to special requirements established by governmental agencies. They are available in solid and mesh material and are anchored to the deck with straps that pull taut. There are no gaps or standing water, making it safe for both children and animals. Some safety lids come with locking devices. The benefit of a mesh safety device is that during the winter, rain and snow drain through the panels while solid devices can become slick or slippery during heavy rainfall or snow. Some solid devices come with drain panels that eliminate standing water caused by weather conditions. A pump can also remove standing water. 

Other Types of Covers

A solar sheet is inexpensive and is used to maintain or raise water temperature. Also known as solar blankets, they look like large sheets of bubble wrap. Leaf nets, which are thin and sheet-like, keep out flower buds and leaves, minimizing cleanup prior to taking a dip. A winter lid helps pools survive a variety of extreme winter elements and keeps out pollutants, algae and animals. Prices for these items depend on the size, material and warranty. It should ideally measure about 3 to 5 ft, or larger. The only tools needed to secure a lid in place are a cable and wench, both of which should come with your kit. Above ground pool covers and inground pool covers come in a variety of sizes, materials and price points.