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Every year, millions of people have the best of intentions and resolve January first to change for the better. Usually by the end of January resolutions and intentions fall by the wayside in favor of old habits. Is it possible to make a resolution and keep it?

1. Resolve to do what you want to do

Bypass the first mistake of any New Year’s resolutions list and choose something you want to do rather than something you should do. Select a few areas of your life, which could use improvement. Create a list of potential goals and then ask yourself which one you want to do. Ignore the rest of the list and focus all of your attention on the goal which will serve you along with being an activity (or stopping an activity) you want to do.

2. Join a group with the same goal

Rest assured that you are not the only one who has a goal to accomplish. When you join a group of like-minded individuals who have the same goal then your ability to reach your desire improves dramatically. Accountability, support, and community are just a few things that joining a group with the identical goal as you will supply. In turn you will be there to support others and will have a share in their achievement.

3. Engage a mentor/coach

One of the fastest ways to attain a New Year’s aim is to get help from someone who has already achieved and wants to help others achieve too. There are several ways to have a coach in your life, books, podcasts, and blogs are free and easy ways to get training from top performers. After you have absorbed free information from a mentor, it may be beneficial to hire a coach to give specific instruction and higher accountability.

4. Take small steps

It’s easy to complete a difficult task when you take one step at a time. Instead of deciding to eat healthy for the rest of your life take a smaller step and decide to eat one healthy thing today. If your goal is to make a million dollars before you retire break it down into yearly, monthly, and daily deposits into your bank account. The smaller your goal the more likely you will feel able and willing to follow through.

5. Get emotionally involved

Have you always wanted to paint? Do you want to be a philanthropist? Can you write the next great novel? Each of these questions has an emotional component. Goals tied to the heart are strong and will draw you forward beyond roadblocks and frustration. When your desire has been building over time the effort to accomplish it will be minor in comparison to the call of your heart.

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6. Get out of the box

If you find yourself planning to attain the same goal year after year, it may be time to try something new. Ask friends and family for goals they have chosen for inspiration. Look at the lives of people you admire and resolve to gain some of their talents and gifts. Once the blinders are removed a sea of goals will be revealed.

7. Is this helping?

When you have a goal, it is easy for the moment to forget if you are moving toward or further away from your outcome. Learn to give yourself a mental speed bump. A mental speed bump slows your thinking and gives you time to ask, is this activity (or lack of activity) moving me closer to my goal or further away? The clarity which comes after asking this question will give the necessary action to take (or not take) to guarantee your success.

8. Do something heart racing

One of my heart racing goals is to perform five acts of kindness in one day each month. The acts of kindness must be something outside of my comfort zone and give me an adrenaline rush. The thrill of achievement is worth the energy it takes to overcome misgivings and butterflies.

9. Write your goals down

The act of writing your goals down increases the likelihood of realizing them radically. You might discover that your mind starts flooding with ways you can complete a goal, and the right people, books, and equipment show up because you are committed to success.

10. Do not be tied to a specific plan

In other words, be flexible. The way you think you should attain an objective might not be the fastest, easiest, or the most direct way to your resolution. Be open to advice from those who have valid points or a platform you can trust. The more flexible you are about the path to success the easier you make it to succeed.

Keeping goals are a delicate balancing act between doing something, which is useful to yourself or others and doing something you truly want to do. When you make an effort to join with others, find a mentor, take small steps, choose an emotionally charged goal, think outside the box, ask if your actions (or inactions) are helpful or not helpful, do something exciting, write what your goals are, and be flexible with your plan to attain your goals, it’s much easier to keep and attain your New Year’s resolutions.

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Bonus suggestions

Celebrate every step

The more you are able to celebrate small victories towards your resolutions the more you will feel drawn to take the next step. Make your achievements a big deal by treating yourself to dinner or a day off from work to ride your bike through nature. Take care to make sure your celebrations are in line with your goals.

Visualize the end at the start

When clear vision of who you want to become is in your mind’s eye then it is easier to shed the old habits and gladly take on the new. A clear vision will keep you focused, energized, and ready to overcome any obstacle in the way.