Have you ever wondered what you can do, to continually make sure your wife is at her very highest level of love for you?  Chances are, if you clicked on this article, you may be in the doghouse.  Or maybe you are already a fabulous partner and are seeking new ways to make your spouse smile. 

I have outlined the following items to bring a truce to the battlefield, or inject more romance into your lives.

1)  Do something unexpected for her

We tend to get into defined roles in our marriages.  Someone will always be the one taking the trash out, cooking meals, washing dishes, doing laundry, etc.. ect.. Figure out which role she has been stuck in and surprise her by doing that task yourself.   This should not be a once only offer, and then you sit back and let her adore you.  Each day you should attempt  to find some way to relieve a burden she normally has and do it for her.   It doesn't have to be the same thing all the time or else it becomes your role and then you may hold resentment.  Mix it up so she is always caught by surprise with your thoughtfulness.  

2) Compliment her sincerely

And what I mean by sincerely is find a specific body part or character trait and complement her on that.  To keep your wife happy you cannot just say "you're so pretty".  A woman wants to know why she is pretty.  Tell her you love the color of her eyes, the shape  of her lips, the cute little button nose she has.  When you tell her you love her she wants to know why you love her.  Although I recommend do telling her you love her as often as  you can.  Try to find character traits you love about her.  Is she humorous, loving, or detail oriented?  Find something that is unique to her and show her how much you love her with a good compliment.

3) Pay attention when she speaks

Men always have a lot on their mind, and what is on a mans mind he likes to keep it to himself and mull it over until he solves his problem.  Women however love to" talk" about their problems.  This can have a direct negative affect on your relationship unless you realize that this is how she communicates.   Next time she tries to open up to you, stop what you're doing and focus only on her.  Look at her directly in the eyes and be interested in what she is saying, show interest by nodding your head and using reaffirming, "uh-huh", "is that right", "no way" type statements to signal to her that you are listening.  Ask questions about what she is telling you, as well as try to re-frame what she said in your own words.  Chances are you may actually begin to enjoy these moments of conversation when you begin to speak and listen more deeply to your woman.