Most people enjoy looking at beautiful flower beds. Keeping them free of weeds is a labor or love that when started right can continue throughout the growing season. Using approved herbicides according to directions can make the upkeep of the flower beds easire and keep them weed free all season long.

Things You Will Need

Hand gardening tools


Gardening gloves

Step 1

Heading off weeds at the proverbial "pass" is critical. Shortly after mulching or maintaining your flower beds in the spring, the time will come for weed maintenance. The flower beds are normally fairly weed free at this point. This is the time to apply an ititial application of weed killer. Ensure that only the weeds are sprayed in accordance with the manufacturers directions.

Step 2

Regularly checking for new weeds appearing is highly important too. Not checking the beds regularly will allow weeds to get a stronghold and detract from the appearance that is sought after. Weekly to bi-weekly inspections will reveal any seasonal weeds that have missed the initial weed killer application.

Step 3

Using gardening gloves, regularly hand pull any weeds that crop up in areas that cannot be sprayed or accessed with a tool. Effective hand pulling on a regular basis keeps weeds out and gives you and opportunity to remove dead flowers and branches of damaged plants.

By starting early with weed killer, regularly inspecting the flower beds and doing hand pulling of weeds in those areas that cannot be otherwise cleared of weeds, you will keep the flower beds in tip top condition an weed free.

Tips & Warnings

Use all weed killers with appropriate safety equipment and in accordance with manufacturers instructions.