Think safety this Halloween. Is it really worth the risk for a hand full of candy?

There is the much loved and anticipated almost Worldwide celebration that comes around every year on the 31st October. We all look forward to this as soon as schools go back after the Summer holidays. Well, I am wrong in saying all. There are a couple of vunerable groups, some look forward to Halloween, and the other group do not. So let me start with the group who do not.


Think who is behind the door you knock on Halloween!

The elderly and physically disabled during Halloween.




Imagine, the door bell goes on Halloween, it is dark and you can not see out. Not only can you not see in to the dark night, but you can not get to the door very easily and the fear is making you even slower. But you know it is Halloween, and are worry about what cruel jokes will be played on you if you do not answer the door. The fear could cause heart attacks, or some one unstable to fall over trying to get to the door in haste. 

Please be considerate of this and inform your children to stay away from any residential areas that house the elderly, or any neighbors you know are elderly.

Even go one step further and give them a phone call to ask if they are okay on Halloween. Assuming you know them.


Also groups that are vulnerable are mentally and physically disabled. They have to take extra efforts just to open the door and find it is someone wasting their time. Please be considerate of these also.


Children in dark costumes in the dark, makes for invisibility.


The other side of Halloween is the ecitable young children who can't wait until it goes dark, so they can don their Halloween costumes and compete with their friends and siblings for bag loads of candy and sweet things.

Typically most Halloween costumes to portray a pathetic fallacy are dark in nature and color. If we mix this with a very dark night, our children become very hard to see in the dark and suddenly become higher risk for car accident victims.


Remember that Halloween is meant to be a jovial evening to celebrate ancestors gone before, or to scare away bad spirits, depending on your faith or religion. The safety of our children is paramount. When purchasing your childs Halloween costume, do not forget to purchase the high visibility belts for children that can go over their shoulder. It may just save their life.


Do you know every one your child is knocking on?


If you let your children just knock on the whole of your neighborhood, wthether you know the person they are knocking on or not, maybe you should visit the news a bit more often. You know the news on child abduction and pedophiles? Maybe not if you let your child out.


So what would my suggestion be for Halloween?


Take turns between your friends and arrange parties at home, similar to a birthday party, where you can play games, win sweets, dress up and stay safe. It will keep your children safe, and it will keep the people who do not want to be disturbed, child and ghoul free. Suggest that each mother bring a dish and that way it is not too expensive for anyone.


If you still want to go street to street trick or treating, make sure children go in a group, and designate a grown adult to accompany them.