Keep the inside of your trunk clean & dry

It's always amazing to me that there are a lot of folks out there who have no trouble spending a small fortune on a custom ride like this one, but don't want to "waste" the money on trunk seals and weather stripping. These, of course, are the rubber things that go around your car doors, trunk opening, windows, etc.

And, like everything else in life, they do wear out. When they do, they have a peculiar tendency to come loose and hang there, waiting for you to catch your arm, purse, package, whatever on them. Of course, being the crazy animals we are, a couple times of that nonsense and, whoosh, off they come. Maybe deposited right there on the parking lot, or the front yard, or with a bit of luck, even in to the trash can. Sadly, that ends the problem for many. For some of the stronger hearted, duct tape often comes to the rescue, and the wandering trunk seal is back where it belongs. Looks like crud, but again, probably the end of the problem.

What gets missed in all this, is that the seal around your trunk, window, door, etc, is there for a reason. They have been designed and added to keep the dirt, rain, snow, and the wet out. For your windows and doors, keeping the whooshing air out is another positive feature. These guys also protect your custom hot rod from having parts vibrate or rub against other metal parts, wearing them out too. This turns into annoying rattling and clanking. And all of this only leads to unwanted scratches and wear, and, eventually, things don't fit or close good anymore. Maybe not at all! And chances are pretty good that this isn't improving your car's looks any either!

For a few dollars, and a little one on one time with your car, you too can buy and replace these seals yourself. It's not that complicated really, and there are a number of great installation instruction video websites out there to help show you how.

Your car will look better, sound better, and very likely even feel better. And you and it will have bonded. Long story short, you take care of it, and it will take care of you. And for a lot longer! So if your seals they are a hanging, drop by one of the after market web stores out there that sells weather stripping, and pick up a brand new trunk seal for your car. Or a door seal, or a window seal, or a whole set of seals. You and your car will both be glad!