For people thFirewood Rack Coverat have a fireplace in their home, storing wood outside is a common practice. You might also do this if you have a cabin or vacation home with a fireplace in it, so it wouldn't just be limited to your standard place of residence. Usually people will buy a cord of wood, or some fraction thereof, which is a rather large amount to store inside a house. You can pile the wood against the side of your home or cabin, but this can lead to wood rot and damage to your house material as well. By keeping wood close to the house you're also inviting termites, ants, mice and snakes to come near your house, as they are all attracted to firewood piles. There are some specially created firewood racks you can buy to store your wood safely and securely so it doesn't need to be resting against the house for support. The basic firewood rack is constructed as a metal frame, generally high gauge steel.

This metal frame unit is available in different sizes to hold varying amounts of firewood. Some of these racks will include a firewood rack cover, which is a long piece of fabric material that rests over the uprights of your wood rack. This cover also comes in sizes to fit most standard racks and is often treated to resist mold and mildew. The material is generally a type of canvas or vinyl similar to what is found for creating other outdoor structures, such as tents. The main benefit to storing the wood with a cover is the prevention of the firewood getting extremely wet due to rain, snow and other adverse conditions.

Because your wood stays dry, it will not be prone to rotting or growing fungus as it would be left out in the open. The firewood rack cover can also help reduce the amount of bugs and insects that get into your wood pile. A basic four foot rack can hold one eighth of a cord securely, and takes up little space in your yard. You can choose to keep your rack inside a garage or other outdoor shelter to reduce the exposure the wood has to the elements, but most people will generally keep it in their yard. Having dry, quality wood logs to burn when you want a fire, will help create the type of warm and inviting atmosphere you want in your home, and it cannot be overstated how important a firewood rack and cover system is to having dry firewood when you need it.