Cover up that custom car

The wheels on this baby alone tell you it's a car worth protecting! My head says, if you're gonna spend a good chunk of money on a great car, spend a couple more dollars and get a good car cover to protect it! Whether you're parking it in its own garage or, heaven forbid, outside, a quality cover will keep the moisture, dust, dirt, sun, heat, leaves, bird poop, and stray sticks & stones away from it. The cover will do its best to keep stray cats and rodents from damaging the finish as well!

Many of the custom car covers available today are made of a woven polyester which has been coated with an aluminized polyurethane acrylic. This combines to make the inside of the cover soft and non-abrasive to the car's finish, while at the same time keeping the water off. Most are water repellant and come with plenty of material to keep mirrors and wheels covered as well. Good covers will generally even have pockets for the mirrors to fit into.

The bottom is made to fit snugly and comes with straps to secure it at the front and back of the car. They can be locked, too, if you so desire! The covers are designed to go on and come off quickly and easily, which helps to encourage their use! There is usually a drawstring type storage bag to put them in when you're not using them.

Now, if you've got the classic car, or the Mustang convertible, or a new Camaro or Charger, or any kind of summer wagon, you certainly want to make sure these get all covered up tight over the long winters. Especially here in the Midwest! No matter how great the garage or storage building is that you're housing one of these in, spend the money and cover it up! The car will keep its youthful appearance and you will never regret it.

There are plenty of great web stores out there that feature car covers, as well as covers for just about anything else you can think of. From boats and jet skis, to campers and RV's, to snow mobiles, to golf carts, and even covers for your lawn tractor, you can find a good cover for it. Whatever vehicle you're driving, car, truck, van, SUV, or ATV, they can get it covered for you. So even if you're driving a Neon or a Pinto, go get yourself a custom car cover and take good care of your little red ride.