Eating can be tricky when you are broke

Your stomach is growling. You head to the fridge only to discover it is empty. The frustration felt is rivaled only by the emptiness of your pockets. Hunger is a reality. Plan accordingly so you do not find yourself eating ramen noodles for weeks on end.

First rule of thumb during lean financial times is STOP EATING OUT!!!!! The dollar menu offered by fast food establishments has mislead many into thinking it is cheaper to eat a pieced together meal of items that only cost a dollar. For that same dollar spent on one burger for one meal, head to the dollar store and purchase items that give you resources to create multiple meals. The calorie intake from constant fast food puts your health on a downward spiral. You find yourself feeling broke and in poor health.

Rediscover the dollar store. Misconceptions are afloat that dollar store food has a mutated quality that will get you sick from consuming it. Food sold in the dollar store possibly has passed the documented expiration date. Maybe it just was not a popular item. Food past the expiration date can still be consumed. Use your discretion and do not purchase items with damaged packaging, leaks, weird smells or the like. Purchasing dry items like pasta, crackers, rice and even bread from the dollar store provide you with filling dietary staples for the price of one meal purchased from a fast food establishment. When your goal is keeping your stomach full, you need carbs so you do not find yourself running on empty.

Dry goods, spices and condiments can be purchased from the dollar store. Purchase your meat from a butcher for the best prices and bigger selections of cheaper cuts of meat. Consider vegetarian meals. Using vegetables like eggplant are inexpensive and more nutritious than consuming meat all the time.

Prepare meals you can stretched for multiple days. Mixing breadcrumbs into your meat bulks it up when making meatloaf or meatballs. Boiled pasta and meat sauce make a great, filling meal. A pat of butter and a little salt makes buttered noodles or a drizzle salad dressing (also from the dollar store) makes pasta salad. Rice can be a side for baked chicken or stir in mixed vegetables and some soy sauce for your unique version of vegetarian Chinese food.

With a little creativity avoid the discomfort of hunger pangs. When you receive even the smallest amount of money plan accordingly so you can keep a full stomach.