When summer heats up so does the fun in St. Louis, Missouri.  Some families will hit the road to see the many wonders that this great country has to offer them.  While other will take this as an opportunity to explore an area where they already live.  This should be the case with any one who is looking into visiting St. Louis.  There are plenty of trails and tracks that can entertain an entire family that get over looked in a town with so many other activities going on in it. 

Many STL Area Bike Tracks - This activity is fun for all ages and the Metro area (St. Louis & Southwestern Illinois) provide many different types of tracks and obstacles to observe while enjoying the great outdoors.  Looking for something more in touch with nature and beauty of downtown?  The Forest Park Bike Track might be for you.  Interested in seeing a little bit more of the outskirts of town and some challenging hills?  You might want to check out the tracks in Ballwin, Missouri just 10 minutes from downtown.

If you are also looking to  enjoy some aquatic activities after your ride is over for the day you might want to check out the many tracks in the Lake of the Ozarks.  It isn't as close to downtown as you might like (about 3 hours) but it offers a variety of trails.  Anything from the cross country enjoyment of Trail of Four Winds (16mi) to the technically challenging Cross Creek.

Other points of interest on the STL side:  Cliff Caves Park and Lewis and Clark trail.


Don't Forget Our Friends in the Metro East - The Metro East holds its own in the battle of the trails.  Madison County, Illinois for instance has over 100 miles worth of scenic trails weaving its way through the heart of the county.  Whether you are checking out the Great River Road trail, MCT Confluence Trail, or the MCT Nature trail, each will provide you and your family a thrill and exposure to the great outdoors.


Does anyone else from the STL Metro Area know of any great bike trails?