Keeping cats cool can be difficult.  But here are a few tips, as a multiple cat owner that I can tell you will work very well. 

Cats can overheat quickly, even though they may seem to just hang around and sleep all the time, they do feel the hot humid weather.  If your house does not have air conditioning thcat right at homeen here are some ideas for keeping cats cool this summer.

Multiple dishes of water – Some cats will feel too hot to even head to their water bowl.  If you have a lazy cat or an older cat, this can easily dehydrate them, so consider putting a few small bowls of cool fresh water in the rooms they hang out in, rather than just where their food is.

Also, change the water often, as cats are finicky when it comes to their water being fresh. Another great idea, and one that my cat loved, is to put a few ice cubes in the bowl, they will lick them and also drink the water as they melt, this is a great way for keeping cats cool. 

If you have to leave the house for the day to go to work, put out ice cubes in a few little bowls to help keep them cool.

Grooming – If you have a furry cat, then consider taking him or her to a groomer.  Many cats do go, and there are groomers who are used to brushing out or thinning the fur on your cat.  If your cat doesn’t like to be groomed in that way, then at least get him used to a cat brush. 

Using cat brushes and brushing out any of the matted hair on cats, will help to loosen the thicker coat of cat hair that should naturally be shedding in the warmer weather.  You can help it along by brushing your cat.  This will make him feel better, and most cats love being brushed.  This will also save your house from this shedding fur.

Cool Damp Cloth – After brushing your cat, take a well wrung out cool cloth and lightly wipe him down, he will appreciate the coolness.  Not all cats like this, but I canKeeping Cats Cool tell you my cat loved to have this done in the hot weather, especially around his belly.

Breezes  –  If you are not using air conditioning but are able to open windows, consider getting a window seat for your cat.  These seats attach to the window sill, LAZY PET Kitty Cat Window Perchto give your cat extra sitting room to catch the breezes through your screened window.  There is the added bonus that they can bird watch as well as stay cool.

If you have a screen door on your place, then get a foot stool and sit it by the door so that your cat can sit on it to catch the breezes through the screened area.  Cats love to be off the floor and a little higher than other pets, so by having a stool at the screen door that you don’t use all the time, you can keep your cat cool.

Tiles – If you have a few large ceramic tiles or a piece of granite, put those out on the floor out of the way, and chances are, your cat will spread out on them to keep cool.  If there is nothing like that around they will most likely migrate to a cool table surface such as your kitchen table as my cat did!  If you don’t want that, then provide them will some cool tiles on the floor or even in their cat bed.

Stone surfaces tend to remain cool.  You could always put them in the fridge for a while too. 

Keeping cats cool is important in the heat of the summer.  If you are really hot, chances are they are feeling it too.