Aggressive Pets

Sometimes our pets inherit a disposition that is not very accommodating and can actually become very dangerous to others. You may feel helpless in controlling this pet. Although he is not dangerous to your family, your dog may be dangerous to those outside your family. There are steps you can use to keep control of aggressive pets.

Try giving your pet calming herbs. This may take some time to work so don't expect this to happen overnight. The safest herbs to use for pets are chamomile, Valerian and California poppy. You can use these herbs in liquid form by putting a few drops in your dog's water. There are some products with a mixture of herbs for aggressive animals also that you might want to try. If given a few weeks, this may help control aggressive dog behavior by making them feel calm.

Crate your pet when visitors come to your home. Don't take any chances of someone getting hurt. Most animals are afraid and this is why they may bite. It may be a memory of something that happened to them or a fear they were born with. An aggressive animal should be in a controlled environment.

Make an appointment with your veterinarian and speak to them about medicating your pet. Medication may make your pet feel sleepy and it may make him inactive. You may be able to medicate your pet as needed. Your vet will be the best one to consult about how you should medicate your pet so that your dogs aggressive behavior can be within your control.

Take your pet to an animal obedience class for aggressive pets. Be able to keep control of your pet on a leash in these classes. In a room full of aggressive animals anything can happen. This is a great way to teach you how to keep good control of your dog as well and may or may not teach your dog how to behave, but it's worth a try. Sometimes aggressive pets are misbehave because pet owners do not know how to handle them. Make sure you sign up with a reputable animal obedience class who can also teach owners how to handle their aggressive pet behavior.

  • Aggressive dog behavior needs to be addressed as early as possible if you want good results.

  • You may never change the behavior of an aggressive dog, but there are ways to alter it.