How to Prevent Heat Stroke and other Summertime Illnesses

Summer Can Be a Scorcher

      When summertime rolls on in, bringing its lovely array of flowers and other plants it also brings in something far more deadly. It has nothing to do with any vicious or killer animals. No, its something else, for summertime can bring in horrific, sweltering heatwaves. These heatwaves can be disastrous to the health of individuals, pets (which should be kept indoors in a climate controlled area of the house, or wherever it is coolest) and can cause damage to lawns.

Why Are Heatwaves So Deadly?

      Heatwaves are so deadly, because if one is exposed to temperatures in the nineties, or worse yet above the ninety-five or hundred mark it can result in death. Its why it is advised to stay indoors and keep fans and air-conditions on, staying out of the heat. As long as one continues to remain hydrated and stay out of the direct rays of the sun one should be fun. However if these procedures are not taken, one can die from over-exertion, dehydration and heat stroke. The body can only take so much and with an internal bodily temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit anything close to or above that can cook us alive if we're exposed to it long enough.

How to Keep Cool In the Summertime

     One way to keep cool during summer is to stay in doors or under the shade of a tree. In areas where there is shade it is several degrees cooler than if one were to stand in direct sunlight. It is however advised that like many animals who live in desert areas that they do not move about much even in the shade. This is so that a person may conserve energy. Maybe even take a short siesta, but not one so long that the shade would eventually disappear for overexposure to the sun can cause terrible sunburns.

Tree Shade


     Another way to keep cool is to stand in front of a fan or in a room where there's an air-conditioner running. In fact sometimes air-conditioners can make it feel like the middle of fall or the beginning of winter. Being too cold isn't a good idea either as that too comes with its risks. A constant temperature of around seventy indoors is the best. Its cool enough as well as warm enough without being stifling hot. About seventy or seventy-two is so comfortable that no one will really notice the heat unless they step outside or the air-conditioner stops working. That is why it is a good idea to keep a back up generator, so that when there's a scorcher outside and the power fails they can still run the appliances which are keeping them comfortably cool.


     A fan is also great whether one has an air-conditoner or not. In fact a fan and an air-conditioner can work together to really make a room feel extra cool.


When you have to go somewhere, a battery powered fan with a change of batteries, or better yet rechargeable batteries should be carried on you at all times. This way you have something to help cool you down. Even better are the battery powered portable miniature fans that one can attach to a water bottle. The feel of cool water and even that small of a breeze can really help to keep you and anyone else who uses one, cool.

     Now if the summertime scorcher isn't too insane, another way to keep cool is to go to a beach and swim in the water. Water is usually cooler than the temperature, but one should always remember to use sunscreen so as to reduce the risk of bad sunburns. People who can't make it too the beach, might go instead to a public swimming pool. Unfortunately during such times the public swimming pools might already be filled to capacity, so a cool shower or bath might be the last available option. Well there are sprinklers for the garden. Kids sure love jumping through sprinklers and it also keeps the lawn from drying up because of the heat.



     Not everyone can afford an air-conditioner, but they can peruse stores or go window shopping at malls, all of which are usually air-conditioned themselves. The reason for this is so that their employees are comfortable and as their employees are on their feet much of the time they want to prevent any health hazards due to the heat.


     Not only are malls a great place to keep cool, but sitting down to a movie at a local theater is an entertaining way to keep cool during the summer outside the home. Usually movies are more than an hour long, a lot of them near the hour and a half mark. Some movies might even get close to being three hours. Thus the best time to watch a movie, especially any that are around the three hour mark is between noon and four o'clock when the sun is highest in the sky. Not only is the sun at that time highest in the sky, but it's also closest to the Earth. Thus making an already sweltering day worse for those four or five hours.


     The one thing that everyone should know about in how to keep cool is by wearing light, loose-fitting clothing. Shorts and t-shirts go a long way, but when people wear these even if they're just taking a short walk, really need to wear sunscreen. One doesn't just get sunburn from a long walk, fun at the beach or sunbathing. It doesn't take much and for some it takes even less time than others to burn, as some people sunburn easier than others. Some might tan easier than others, but its much healthier not to stay in the sun too long.

     By following each of these steps, one can avoid heat cramps, heat exhaustion and worst of all, heat stroke. Those who are more vulnerable to all of these and dehydration are the ill, elderly and infants so one should pay particularly close attention to them.

     Therefore, although Summer can be a fun time, filled with many enjoyable activities, when the heatwaves come rolling in, be prepared and keep cool!