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Rainy days can be miserable for both the kids and the caregiver.  There are some activities to make rainy days more fun when you are running an in home daycare.

rainCredit: Morgue File

Make a Fort- Making a fort when it is raining out is a great idea.  Gather up as many blankets as you can and use chairs, tables, couches and other furniture to make a fun fort in your living room.  Offer that the kids take a nap in there or simply allow books and toys for them to play with.

Art Projects- There are many art projects you can do to keep daycare kids entertained on a day full of rain.  Depending on the season, or if there is a close holiday you can do something based on an event that is coming up.  Another thing you can do is buy some unique art projects that will be fun such as tye dye t-shirts, painting ceramic dishes, making clay sculptures, etc.  You can also make your own finger paints or water colors to paint a beautiful picture.

Scavenger Hunt- If your daycare kids are old enough, design a scavenger hunt for them.  Hide several items around your house and give them a piece of paper with clues on them.  Once they have found each item on the list they can check it off until they find the main prize.

Puppet Shows- Let your daycare kids put on their own puppet shows.  If they are not old enough, be creative and make your own puppet show for them.  They will have a blast and will think you are the funniest person ever.  You can learn how to make a puppet show stage in the video link below.

Dress Up- Being someone you are not for a day can be a lot of fun.  Bring out some dress up clothes and have the kids have fun with it.  There are many different opportunities for the kids to be many different people.

Puzzles- Work on a puzzle on a rainy day.  This will keep both the kids and you entertained for a while.  Find a puzzle that they kids are interested in.  Perhaps they would like to do a puzzle their favorite animal or a beautiful outdoor picture.

Dancing- Usually you would tell the kids to be quiet and not jump around in the house.  You may want to make rainy days the exception.  Turn on some music and allow the kids to dance and have a good time.  Chances are after they are done doing this, they will be ready for their nap.

Charades- There are many games that you could play on a dreary day, but charades is one of the best games out there.  Write down a bunch of ideas for the kids to act out and put the ideas in a bucket.  Have the kids reach into the bucket and act out the one that they chose.  This will keep them entertained and have them laughing.

Make a Boat- Use a laundry basket to make a boat and keep the kids busy.  Have them make an oar and a sail to float their boat across the sea.  Make sure they grab all of the essential items that will need on their adventure.

Cardboard Boxes- You can do a lot with cardboard boxes.  You can find empty cardboard boxes at large stores such as Wal-Mart; you just have to ask for them.  Have the kids color the cardboard box and decorate it as they wish.  They can turn an ordinary cardboard box into their own play house.

Make Your Own Musical Instruments- Use pots and pans, empty toilet paper rolls and rubber bands to make your own musical instruments.  The kids will have a blast starting their own band and making their own lyrics to songs.

Watch an Educational Program- Obviously your kids shouldn’t be glued to the television the entire day.  I honestly have never turned the television on while being a childcare provider.  However, a 30 minute educational program may be great for your kids when they need to wind down.  A perfect opportunity to turn on the television is right after lunch and before nap time.  This will give you the chance to clean up your kitchen as well.

Bake- Baking on a rainy day gives you the opportunity to eat your favorite sweets.  The daycare kids will have a blast digging into the fun, stirring around the brownie mix and licking the batters.  Make it a house rule to wash hands before touching the food.  Also, make sure if they help cook and eat, that they also help you clean up.

Read Books- What better day to read a long story than a rainy day.  Have the daycare kids help you pick out a long story book with a lot of pictures.  This should keep them entertained for quite a while.

Legos- Legos make great fun on a rainy day.  Gather as many legos as you can and make a big tower or a structure.  This can be a lot of fun for you as a provider and your daycare kids.

Bowling- Bowling in your living room?  Sure, why not!  Fill 12 water bottles with water and find something around your house to use as a ball.  See who can get the most “pins” knocked over on the first try.

Go Play in the Rain- Why should a little bit of rainy stop you from having a good time?  The day before you know it is going to rain, request that the parents bring rain boots, a rain coat and an umbrella.  Just make sure the weather is warm enough to enjoy the rain.  Go for a walk or splash in the rain puddles.  It is good to breathe in the fresh air, even if it is raining outside. 

Although rainy days are not always what you hope for, you can enjoy a rainy day with a bit of an imagination.  There are many ideas ad suggestions you can do to keep your daycare kids entertained on a rainy day.  Start writing down ideas and make your own list that you can review whenever it is rainy or you simply want to stay inside for the day.

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