Keeping dogs cool this summer is something we all need to keep in mind.  If we are feeling that sticky heat, just imagine what your dog is feeling with that fur coat!

There are some simple tricks to help keep your dog cool this summer, and if you can get a few of these ahead of time you will be ready for when that heat suddenly hits.

Below are 5 great tips for keeping dogs cool:

Summer Shearing – This means either taking your dog to a groomer, or doing it yourself (if you have a kit and have done this before).  Yes you do have to pay for a groomer, but it can be well worth the price.  They will totally wash and dry your dog, and then shear off any thick old winter coat and leave a nice fresh thinner coat of healthy shiny fur that will keep your dog cool.  But try and get in well ahead of those really hot and sticky days so you are ready.

Walking at Night or Early Morning – If you regularly walk your dog, stay away from the hot time of the day.  Try and get up early to go for your walk.  If you normally run with the dog, maybe this summer leave him at home while you jog, but then take him for a walk later that evening.  Dogs can overheat very quickly.

Get a hard plastic kiddie pool – This is a great way for keeping dogsKeeping Dogs Cool cool.  By getting the hard plastic sided ones, there are no worries about punctures, and if your dog likes the water he will just love jumping in and out of this. Guardian Gear Dog Pool Lrg Red/BlueThat is why it is important to follow step one so that you are not trying to dry off layers of winter fur afterwards.  Change the water frequently (you don’t want standing water for mosquitoes) and chances are he will drink out of it too, so make sure you use fresh water.

Doggy Popsicles -  You can make simple popsicles for your dogs, and they love them.  Simply use some beef or chicken broth and fill up some popsicle molds (you can get different recipes for these, but this is the simplest one) and then use a chewy treat for the stick and then freeze them.  Give them to your dog outside or somewhere where it is alright for a bit of mess, but dogs love these. 

Keep Your Dog Inside – especially during the hottest part of the day.  If you have air conditioning in your house, then this will keep your dog cool, or setup up an area for him in the basement where he can lay on the tiled or concrete floor to stay cool.  My dog just naturally migrates to the basement when it gets really hot and quietly chews her toy.

So, if you are looking for simple ways for keeping dogs cool this summer, start with the first tip, especially if your dog has a lot of fur.  Just imagine yourself living through the summer with a big fur coat, you would not feel your best either. 

Plus the added benefit to getting rid of that extra fur by getting the groomer to thin it out for the summer, will be that your house is not full of dog fur, as your dog starts naturally letting go of the fur.  You will be constantly brushing it out of your dog, or vacuuming the house.  By getting your dog to the groomers, you will save yourself a lot of work.