Keep Drones Out of The SkyCredit: Morgue FileDid you know that there are 64 drone bases in the United States?  The closest bases to Wisconsin are Camp Ripley in Minnesota and Camp Atterburry in Indiana.  Luckily there are no bases yet discovered in Wisconsin and it is important that we keep drones out of Wisconsin.  Drones are unmanned vehicles that can be controlled by remote control.  They can be controlled by someone on the ground or can be pre-programmed ahead of time to fire missiles anywhere they are told to do.  This is incredibly scary and concerning to many.


It has been reported that these dangerous vehicles have been used almost 250 times to fire in countries such as Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan.  People believe that they were just perhaps testing it out in enemy countries.  They have been in use since 1995 which is quite a long time with the way technology moves.  It is scary to think what they are working on now.


Some people who believe conspiracies feel that these are going to be used against American citizens instead of keep them safe.  When the spy drones were first introduced, many citizens were afraid for their privacy issues.  As it is now citizens feel that they are living under a police state and the drones would make things worse-limiting their privacy.  However, now their worries have increased.  Citizens not only have privacy concerns, but now they are fearing for their safety.

According to the Posse Comitatus Act, it is illegal for the U.S. military to use the drones on American ground.  So far there isn’t anything that shows that they have gone against this act.  There are many events to keep drones out of Wisconsin in different areas.  Major events take place in Janesville, Milwaukee and Eagle River.  However, there are several areas where groups meet to take action to prevent drones in Wisconsin.  Some of the areas include Green Bay, Eagle River, Madison, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Janesville, Stevens Point, Wausau and the Fox Valley.  If you would like to become involved, there are several opportunities where you can with a group that is closest to you.

In Oshkosh, Wisconsin there is a huge event that takes place where people from all over the world come to visit an air show called EAA.  Over the summer of 2012 there were many people protesting to keep drones out of Wisconsin.  There were several holding signs that said, “Fly Safe in the U.S. Airspace - No Drones”.  Another sign said, “Flight Emergency A Drone Impacting Your Aircraft”.  There was even a replica at EAA grounds of a Reaper.  A Reaper is another name for a drone which is an unmanned vehicle.  Next to this replica it said “No Drones”.  These signs made it very clear that Wisconsin is supporting the request to keep these dangerous vehicles out.

There has been word that 6 new bases are going to be added by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), but no information on when and where.  They plan to use these new bases as test sites for flying and control.  This information is simply to be taken with a grain of salt and is meant for you to do your own research on it as well.  

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