A balanced life is something most of us strive for, we know that keeping things balanced is better for our health and well-being. The truth is that most people have an extremely difficult time finding balance in their everyday lives. A person struggling for balance are usually very stressed. There are signs to look for when life gets out of order. Think of a picture on the wall being slanted to one side, its unbalanced. Now whats the first thing most people do when they see this? Exactly, they want to walk over and straighten that picture out. Why? because its simply uncomfortable to look at, and so it is with your life. A life out of balance is uncomfortable, stressful and very difficult to maintain.

Anyone wanting to seriously find balance will need to do an inventory of their schedule, and find out what the culprit is. Most of the time its going to be to much work not enough play. And sometimes its the other way around, to much play not enough working toward a job or goals. Both of these situations will put a big strain on your life causing it to tip to much to one side. If you truly want to find balance you will find whats wrong, and tip the balance back in your favor. If its to much work, then find ways to curb it, maybe you could work less hours or take one day a week off. If that's not possible, and there is no relief in sight, then maybe considering a new job could be an option. If you have been having to much play-time or down- time maybe you could find ways to become more productive. Everyone needs to feel productive, and its true that doing nothing is really the hardiest work of all.

So if you life seems hectic, your always rushing around, exhausted or feeling sluggish, that's a symptom you life could be unbalanced. If your pace in life is not comfortable its time to make a change. Making changes is not always easy, coming out of your comfort zone is rough. If your a workaholic, then its going to feel very uncomfortable having some rest and relaxation, but its important to your health to do so. Its also beneficial for your family to have your around more, take up a new hobby or sport with the family, you may be pleasantly surprised. If your not being productive for whatever reason, its time to get up and get started on something you want to do. Its a wonderful feeling to accomplish something, and feel the fruits of your labor. It also builds confidence in yourself, if your afraid to fail don't be, its part of life, we all fail sometimes. The key is to keep at it, whatever you love to do, do it.

Whatever your circumstance is, its really up to each of us to find balance in life, to be truly whole inside. A balanced life will make things less complicated, and give you more peace. To feel centered in our minds, bodies, and souls we need balance. Some people may feel this is an impossible task, and choose to reject the whole idea. That's understandable, its very hard to make lifestyle changes. It wont bring perfection to your life, but bringing more balance can enhance your life by giving you the tools you need when life gets really tough. A person more together and less stressed can handle life's ups and downs better. If you know you need to balance your life, its time now to tip it in your favor.