The Nature of Skin

The care of your skin is one of the most important elements of your personal grooming routine. Human skin is both remarkably tough and extremely fragile. You invest so much time on your skin care, it is worth knowing a few basic facts about how skin functions.

One fact that surprises a lot of people is that the top level of skin, the epidermis, is made of the same type of cells that are in our nails and our hair. The very top layer of these cells is dead, just as the strands of hair on our hair are. The entire upper level of the skin is replaced roughly every five weeks. That is why skin flaking and sloughing is a natural process.

The most important thing to understand about skin from a grooming perspective is the importance of moisture. The middle layer of the skin, the dermis, is where the moisture is retained. It is also the layer that determines the elasticity of the skin. The visible effects of aging are due to the loss of moisture, collagens and elastins from the dermis.

The Skin Care Business

Personal care companies invest millions of dollars a year in the effort to tackle this issue. It is worth the investment because skin care generates tens of billions of dollars in annual revenue for these companies.

While over all skin care is a priority, women are most concerned with facial skin care. The use of cosmetics makes this of particular concern. Daily use of face cleansers can either help or hurt the skin they clean.

There is an extensive selection of facial cleaners on the market. A first step is knowing where your skin condition falls on any given day. There is a natural skin condition and then there is the current condition based on health, exposure to various skin stressors and other factors. Purchasing cleansing facial wipes for sensitive skin might not do the job for oily skin.

Skin care companies target products at the following skin conditions:

• dry

• oily

• combination

• sensitive

• blemished

It is possible, of course, to have dry, sensitive and blemished skin at the same time. It is worthwhile to spend time selecting the right cleanser for your current skin condition. This is one case that the Internet can provide some excellent insight into the many available products.

Caring for Your Facial Skin

Selection of an effective facial cleanser is also part of the ongoing debate over the best approach to facial cleansing. After a couple of decades of products that promised the world and countless attempts at the perfect cleanser, the soap-and-water approach has regained popularity.

Most dermatologists recommend a middle ground. With the truly effective products that moisturize and provide anti-aging benefits, you do not want to miss their benefits. At the same time, you want to avoid the drying effects of just any soap.

So long as a face cleaner does not harm the skin, the added items like Shea butter or glycerin are a matter of personal choice. Avoid any cleansing products that have fragrance or parabens.

The primary purpose of effective facial cleansing is to leave the skin free to take care of itself.

Keeping Skin Naturally Clean